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Wayne Bush: 07/03/2015 interview with Near-Death Experiencer


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I stumbled upon an interview done by Wayne Bush on a military guy who claims he discovered the true meaning of our existence within this reality after a near death experience (NDE). 


The anon interviewee says that before we are born, we actually sign up for the experience as a human, a dog, a rock, non-human life form, etc.  When this universe (amongst infinite multiverses) comes to an end, everything in existence reverts back to a single consciousness which we humans refer to as "god" which serves as an "evolution" of ourselves.  But according to the interview, there is no "us."  There is no you or me. We are supposedly the very god we worship (i am not religious).  Interesting tidbit of listening pleasure from Wayne Bush his astral-traveling guest.


A lot of what is said correlates with the nature of reality that Mr. Icke goes over such as 


The title of the audio file is the same as this subject title.

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On 6/14/2021 at 4:44 AM, metak88 said:



At the top of the page are links for audio mp3 files.

Oh my!!!! Just took a few hours to slowly absorb the “tricked the light” interview...........

Than sat on the edge of my bed for a while to recoup my senses!! Ha!!

It truly is a beyond incredible interview, the interviewee’ s retelling of his NDE made me gasp and weep, much of which resonates with my heart, similar to DI’s books/info



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