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Our Bug Out Plan


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PLAN A:  Defend the Home.  Our Safest Option.  Highest survival odds.


PLAN B:  Bug Out Vehicle.  Our Passage to Safety.  Mid range survival odds.


PLAN C:  Bug Out on Foot.  Our Last Resort.  Lowest survival odds.


That pretty much summarizes our plans.  We keep bug out supplies ready to go.  Behind the supplies, tacked to the wall, is a Nuclear Target Map of the United States.  We hope that we never need it, just as we hope our bug out supplies will never get used.  But hope will get us nowhere fast.  We must think, we must prepare, we must be strong to weather storms. Have a plan.  Tailor it to YOUR NEEDS.
















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who created the nuclear target map? Is that what the US military believe are the key targets or is that leaked from the ruskies or is it your own best bet on what would be hit?


The one issue with bugging out in a vehicle is that depending on where a person is and on the nature of the emergency the roads maybe clogged


I guess the option of defending the home also depends on the nature of the emergency. I see the most immediate threat at the moment as the planned mass injections of the young with covid jabs and the kind of pressures that may be exerted on people to do that. I'm not sure where someone can bug out to to avoid that though? It seems that with some threats our best chance is to build the numbers of aware people and then try and organise them so that we can collectively dig our heels in and reject whatever the big pharma leeches and their complicit political partners try and foist upon us

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