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Anyone know a natural Foot Fungus Remedy?


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I have a lot to do with 'weed', can't say it's helped much for my poor feet but haven't done enough recording/research to say - and TBH I'd rather smoke/eat it.


Bi-carb baths, tea tree seem to help some but I'm (today onward) just trying to not wear socks or shoes as far as practical and have to say - somewhat less itchy already.


My reasoning being that most of these things thrive in dark, moist conditions and shoes and socks are 'pussy' inventions.

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Apple cider vinegar is good stuff as someone said. Get the raw, version containing living enzymes (the mother). 


Also tea tree oil is anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti viral, and your body doesn't build up immunity to it like can happen with man made medications.

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Based on my researches (and my experience), I came to the conclusion - 'We are what we eat' Hippocrates

A pH below 7 is acidic, while a pH above 7 is basic. If the body becomes too acidic this can cause health problems, skin disorders such as eczema, fungal infection, hair loss, migraines etc.

Biggest source of acid is our food: animal products, processed foods, sugar, etc ...... Fruits and vegetables are alkaline. When I stopped eating animal products I got rid of skin problem. What we put in our bodies affects our skin. And when you cured inside the body you will heal your skin. 

From my personal experience, treatments like creams, etc. helped just for a while, but problem was coming back again and again.

Please read about acid-base Balance.

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My suggestion is a hot foot bath with lots of salt, table salt will do just put loads in, hot as you can take it and so the salt dissolves properly. Put so much salt in you can still feel some thats undissolved cos the solution is so salty.

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