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The reason why the NWO Cult need a "DELTA VARIANT"

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The reason why the NWO Cult need a "DELTA VARIANT"

The Delta variant previously known as the Indian variant is apparently the cause for the latest 4 week extension of the so-called Lockdown. Sage scientists (psychologists) have suggested that the UK will be plunged into another hard Lockdown due to the "Delta variant" until everyone (that includes children) are vaccinated.
The real reasoning behind the cults latest Delta variant agenda is to prove a need to vaccinate children and babies at birth. According to the so-called experts the Delta variant affects children in a much greater way than the previous variants and can be "life threatening", proving a need to vaccinate children.
This is the next step of the cults agenda, the next step is to target the young at birth and genetically engineering the DNA of every human on the planet.

The cult are now going for the children, this is where the line in the sand has to stop people cannot let them target the most vulnerable in our society who do not get the freedom to choose what goes into their body. Any parent who put their children through this gene therapy (because that is what it is) is committing child abuse.


Please read these articles for more information on the DNA altering vaccine:

The effect of RNA on DNA means that mRNA ‘vaccines’ can permanently alter your DNA:



‘Vaccine’ Depopulation - by Dr Mike Yeadon:




Bombshell: Moderna Chief Medical Officer Admits MRNA Alters DNA:



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