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Mr H

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A well put together understanding you will see below, and most importantly "you hear" by the narrator in this video...

Let me first just say, if you're skipping straight to the video, it is NOT compelled by ego the way this video tells about the Shaolin (despite the tough element in title of it)... OK, you're good to go!... WATCH,,, or read me first,,, whatever you have the stamina for...haha.

Rest Assured I think I know enough to say it is set with the right intent... There is hardly any hype in this video... I can believe much that is said is true in one way or another.  It is well grounded enough, and has my approval therefore. 

Combined with a few of my thoughts also here (although I repeat some of what is in the video *and learnings from my elsewhere observations of knowledge* etc), .....So now the vid speaks of how it all comes together for the most utilitarian mobility of the training with many aspects (holistic in approach as I like and espouse also myself, in any category of health or fitness for overall wellness)....and about adaptive strategy, well concerning this it is conceivable indeed, that because of the variability of the moves in Kung Fu, that makes the Kung Fu hard to lock onto or penetrate for any foolish opponent... Their whole package for anyone unfamiliar makes them not at all easy for anyone to decode by their numeracy in terms of varied arsenal of skills, making he or she difficult & unpredictable if chosen to be.....


Anyway back to basics or otherwise ... (which btw it looks to me when required even advanced students will use basics over n over as much to advance and build upon that)... And likewise passed basics can also welcome in by repetition of advanced progressing so that when up to a certain point in his or her training, one can begin to realize & see their work on self pay off, with their mind & physicality accomplishment taken to a new level of mastery & expertise....


Also bearing in mind the Buddhist philosophy to help others, so it is not only about 'self consolidation' or whatever you might call it.

How do we know for sure when comes the time to assess how one is doing??..... Well....  I don't know everything beware, but as a way to gage or test ability, a good sure way is for instance to see how easy a student or practitioner can do a switch between offence & defence, once you are well trained enough to be versatile enough to be so quickly mobilized or adept in changing style etc or combative mode (-or- why not else tactical training by itself by yourself, should that be sufficient for you and enjoyed as much for the learning you get similar to if you did actually have an actual adversary -or RATHER a spa or training partner - but still as can never be over-emphasized~> whether a sparring partner is wanted or needed or not, the only real opponent is basicly us ourselves and remains that way life-long), but as a Shaolin is built to fight *if necessary* that is okay to be exposed to that too and training sees to it your response is second nature, but that you do not fall into fights easily or look for that sort of thing because the art of discipline and wisdom is more important for a more peaceful attitude to life... (& aided certainly if also a person has chosen to be Buddhist or by alternative wisdom perhaps only part borrowed from Buddhist as well, each is fine) ....as then you continue on your path hopefully spiritually rewarded just the same (give or take) aided by more peaceful thoughts to enpower meditative practice, and also perseverance & resilience in keeping with challenging your own potential (whether mental or physical), nevermind what others have to say about it, unless they are a wiseman or a Sifu (teacher) with more experience than you, but even then, they can as they say sometimes as standard~} they postulate, perhaps correctly that they "can only point the way" (in whatever situations that actually works in activating self to grow or be self reliant etc, and learn through themself, including our own mistakes--- well argue that one if you wish, but I still think a *Good* teacher has a lot to teach us too).... and in the interim, I can assert similar now just as I am pointing you to this video now (and point myself at the same time, keeping my goals in sight and with some degree of focus that might measure up or whatever, but the most important thing is to try try & try) ....and soooo encouraging you to be inspired and for those if for the first time, encouraging you too to explore Kung Fu and martial arts more widely even outside of the Shaolin perspective if you want, ultimately inspired someway by your OWN ability and potential to be creative with your Kung Fu training based on whatever learnings, and bettering your relationship with life (and any available teacher), as a whole, and all that connects you to a deeper sense of being and if you like belonging as you wish too.....


So, don't mind me too much, I am just speaking my mind based on my moderate understandings, but that have deep reasons
as to why I like Shaolin (and most all Kung  Fu types which each I suppose has something new to explore and have to compare or compliment what we may already know or have still to learn) and makes appreciating what they the Shaolin do all the more special even though I learn from some other video, the sources of Kung Fu teachings for Shaolin came not just from them and not just from Bodhidharma Indian yoga/spiritual guy but also the Shaolin themselves part got it introduced to them originally in a styles melting pot where styles  may have been pre-existing in surrounding China, or at very least where similar Kung Fu simultaneously was emerging being practised from other parts of China at roughly the time when Shaolin were still establishing their pick of the old methods to carry through to today of which anyone was basicly a contributor at some stage, before it all became more roundedly known as Shaolin Kung Fu and honed and perfected by them *as one could argue*, and so eitherway a good number of those styles we still see (I think??) being maintained today whether Shaolin born at the seat of their navel or not entirely ... but hey this is not a video about history so much.


So, a half an hour well spent, for something along these lines...For encouraging and learning why fluidity of flow and of often seen end to end motion or dynamism is necessary & desirable to practice in such a way of course... but so too tempered by good control of form & energy meridians & by nerve control etc, and the structure semi-naturally born within each style or application or combination of styles too, depending simply on regimen or need for a mixture of ways to express the human!.... So such things as made much aware in the Shaolin Tradition and equally other martial arts, especially Kung Fu types of styles etc, the clear fundamental is learning properly how CHI works . . . (*helping nurture & further generate your energy for more energy when required, and thus harnessing it ready for use on command of your will and your practice of ensuring you have sustenance of spirit, the motivation & the skill mentally and bodily to do this until it becomes not just instinct, but an enhanced version of your instinct complimented by various stances & forms and elevation in terms of say accuracy and of bodily agility through the mind's application transformed into the physicality manifestation*) . . . and now finally to when working with CHI in all this, which s brought to mind consistently throughout training cycles (guided by mindfulness & self belief & enthusiasm & a sense of calmness even when energetic) for when & whether harder or softer Qi Gung is used, where the functions of both spiritual (in some way) mind and body awareness and application of how the body works, have to ideally all work in unison or correlations with balance, speed, strength (resulting in optimum agility & increased focus)....

Whereto find useful is even the ability to make "minute shifts" in muscle tension for better weight distribution for the particular practice you are doing, or such as fluid body realignment, etc...

Balance is particularly useful here, like you go try and stand on one leg for as long as you can, and then lift (when advanced) other leg into the air literally reaching for sky behind you and bend down your upper body which will definitely help, whilst still being stood on the other ONE leg!... Fun to do as well for serious... All great stuff to test yourself and test your stamina too! =))


So on we go... it, the video, tells it well, using artful language which is capable in delivery to explain how any KF practitioner showing an interest can be inspired by this video, whether looking to get started or to improve-- or for general insight is good too-- and I think the latter really is what it's main aim is, but is quite detailed & fairly well descriptive all told nonetheless...




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4 hours ago, Mr H said:

Ok well the area I recently moved has Taekwondo and chi gung.


Will try both and see if any resonate. 


I was recently invited to try Taekwondo at our local club and my first thought was there's no point. I'm too old to do something that looks like a younger person's fighting sport. And I'm not very competitive. But perhaps there's other benefits like keeping my coordination and muscle tone and reaction speed. So I was wondering what's the attraction of these things for you, are you interested in self defence, other physical fitness stuff, or is it to do with mind and energy work? 

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19 hours ago, Campion said:


I was recently invited to try Taekwondo at our local club and my first thought was there's no point. I'm too old to do something that looks like a younger person's fighting sport. And I'm not very competitive. But perhaps there's other benefits like keeping my coordination and muscle tone and reaction speed. So I was wondering what's the attraction of these things for you, are you interested in self defence, other physical fitness stuff, or is it to do with mind and energy work? 

Taekwondo not my first choice. But inspired by our poster above who took it up early 40s female.


Yeah. The appeal, few fold. Outlet for aggression, good to know how to self defend, I am highly competitive so outlet for that( used to be semi pro.sportsmen back in my yoof), and chi gung stuff appeals more on the energy front.


I think also it improves your spontaneity and being present. 

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