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Awakened London Socials


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Hi all,


Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum but unsure where exactly to put it so decided I might as well post it in general.


I am in the process of developing a social networking group for awakened people in and around London. We are looking to build a community of likeminded people who want to just relax, joke, befriend and of course try to contribute to a better world - not the world the cabal wants (a totalitarian technocracy) 


Anyway the link to both the Meet-up and the Telegram group is below. We encourage anyone who lives in Greater London and the hinterland especially to join. We are open to people beyond but the community won't just be an online community so engages with us in real life is essential.


Our first meet-up is tomorrow - 2pm to Epping Forest (picnic & walk) 




We really do appreciate anyone who also has ideas on how to be more self-sufficient etc

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