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'NWO Gestapo' Global Arrests Without Warrants (ANoM)


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According to court documents released by the US government on Tuesday, the ANoM was given to San Diego FBI agents by a developer who had created it to compete on the market for encrypted communications platforms. 
The developer, whose identity is not revealed, offered it to help the FBI with its ongoing investigations, in return for a reduced sentence on charges he was facing.
ANoM could only be found on phones bought through the black market, which had been stripped of the capability to make calls or send emails, according to the AFP. The phones could only send messages to another device that had the app and criminals needed to know another criminal to get a device.
"The devices organically circulated and grew in popularity among criminals, who were confident of the legitimacy of the app because high-profile organized crime figures vouched for its integrity," the AFP statement said.
Unknown to the app's users, the FBI had access to the app and its communications, which the organization then used to collect information on criminal operations. 
In May 2021, the top five countries where ANoM devices were used were Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, and Serbia, according to the documents.
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