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Man, checkout this new channel on tartarian hi tech

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2 minutes ago, Jikwan said:

Must be one of the best books on tartaria out there

Its free download

I'd say there's a lot of people on YouTube etc that have built a career out of this book, material and ideas are the same. Funny how the Rockefeller's have some of these maps, it just adds fuel to the lies we've been told. 


An amazing book, I've had a scan through already, some amazing pictures in there. 

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5 hours ago, zarkov said:

Thanks - Morpheus for the update. Out of reacts

Great thread Jikwan !

Im glad you learning from this guy. I can hardly fault him. That book by a plain truth is worth studying. Both these guys are the real deal.

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Sylvie Ivanova.




And then ewar (ewaranon).


Love it all, but we have to accept that the level of control is SO great that any of these will only have crumbs, clues etc. to offer.


If they really came dangerously close they wouldn't last.

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