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What can we do about the woke brigade?

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It's everywhere... from politics to the mainstream media, from the corporate world to government. It's popular among many young people. Asking too many questions or disagreeing with them means you risk losing your job. Unwelcoming and critical questions are deleted. Critical thinkers are censored. The woke brigade are Marxist extremists, always putting people in boxes of ''oppressor'' and ''oppressed''.  Speech police that are soon to be thought police (if they get their hands on future tech.....). They are effectively running a dictatorship and many (all?) are hardcore Great Reset believers.


What can we do about it?

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11 hours ago, Macnamara said:

It is a revolution from above where powerful sabbatean-jews are manipulating people on the street to get them to target certain groups of people


when you realise this you realise that the only way to defeat wokeism is to defeat the elites


So the real question is: how do you challenge the power of the corporate socialist elites


The answer is to boycott their products as far as possible whilst building an alternative to their corporate cartelism

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