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What is their objective and how they will go about getting you there


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1 social credit score

2 digital currency only

3 universal basic income

4 you own nothing

5 no ownership of vehicles

6 whats left of population live in smartcities only

7.everyone vaccinated (except elites)

8 every human can be tracked and traced

9 human must live within 5g zone where their minds can be remotely controlled

10 a few other things



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  • Jikwan changed the title to What is their objective and how they will go about getting you there

This is how....(this is not in the proper order. Improvising all the time)


To get where they want you to be ....


They must crash the economy everywhere

They must stop, not allow private buisness to be operated

They must try to get everyone connected to the electrical grid, water, gas, fuel grids

They must create massive inflation so all your savings get used up quickly

They must criminalize trading with metals/non controllable digital currencies

They must criminalize growing own food/living independantly


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They must make the rent you pay for property so high it becomes ruinous. You might own it.....it dont stop them from taxing you heavily

Only way to survive is to give them your home or live on the streets


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They must find ways of seeing very clearly who is working against them. This could take some time. Forums and groups will be created so these dangerous types can be brought together to be dealt with at the right time

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I don't think we would survive much longer, if we continue to breed like flies on a corpse....half of the natural world has been decimated already in only a century.


Depopulation is necessary one way or another...if not, the Earth's biome will wither like a fruit tree infested with tent caterpillars.


It would be easy for them to achieve this depopulation goal, simply by turning off the electricity for a few months...but there's no money to be made that way.

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