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Overcoming Inner Turmoil


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Why do we do this to ourselves? The inner torment we feel when evil actions are performed. A lie told, a secret lust, greedy eyes, an insultful remark. These tiny moments of our days when we reflect and say to ourselves, ‘that was not right’/’Can I go back?’. Well, whatever the scenario, whatever the moment, we always feel an innate feeling that there is something wrong. An imbalance per se. In Christianity we would refer this to hardening of the heart. Your heart is being closed off; a little bit of your soul dies. In Buddhism and the Eastern religions would refer this process of a misalignment of the heart chakra. If the soul is dying is there a fix? Yes, definitely and mystics, seers, prophets, the Messiah himself Jesus laid it clearly; “Do unto others as you would have unto you.” Or more clearly which we should focus on: “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. What does this mean exactly? Well Love, pure unconditional, unselfish Love that you can show another. Helping the Poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked. These actions are food for the soul. The act of expanding your inner consciousness and expanding it beyond, connecting with the Spirit of God. The spirit which connects everyone together (Think of the Force in Star Wars). Now, whatever you believe about Jesus Christ, he was the spirit incarnate. Human form, infinite consciousness reveled to mankind. Buddha, and other teachers have also touched upon the spirt, and we should all take inspiration from those that claim Love is the answer. Love of the pure sense, the selfless sense. Do not give into Fear, do not give into hatred. Hence, Love your enemies. When one has to fight, one has to fight, yet not give into fighting for fighting sake or fighting to satisfy some pleasure or fear/hatred so you can stoke. Fight with Love, non-compliance. The act of saying no, we are not going to stand for it anymore.

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