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Just wondering... Question to David


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Hello David,


I have read several of your books and I will certainly read more of them. I want to underline that what I'm gonna write is not about criticise your work. I'm interested in topics that You talk about from March last year. Back than I saw your interview at London Real about 5G and "pandemic". From that moment I've started to search information about real nature of reality and how We are beeing manipulated and decived. Those two topics I'm keen about the most. I'm visting your website regularly because it constains so much material that is eye opening. However, during my visits I've observed a few thing that don't give me a break since couple of months and I've decided to write this topic finally. I remember from your books and interviews your advice to " question everything" and " worship nothing and no one" wich are the tips that I colud write below with my both hands. According to that I have a few questions to You : 1. Do You have any control about what kind of advertisments are appearing on your website? ( This safety stuff, protection from 5G etc...) 2. According to your knowledge about power of symbols - why symbols of tringle and a ring are beeing used in logos of platforms that You are using in your work? ( They have negative freqency for people as I remember from your works, they are symbols often used by a cult like You said, right ?) Those are the two things I feel doesn't feat to your intentions. I will very gratefull for your repli.


Best wishes, 



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