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I find that the more people take the piss, the stronger I become in my beliefs, I never watch the news, the soaps or reality shows, I would rather listen to decent music any time! I love most music, from ballads, to blues, to classical, to reggae to Irish showbands to meatloaf to the pogues to motown! I won't listen to rap with the silent C {c}rap!

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On 10/9/2022 at 7:09 PM, Campion said:

As time goes by, it's becoming clearer that the conspiracy is taking off the mask, becoming more open with its actions, and more obvious to anyone with an open mind and access to relatively uncensored news. When we can see what's happening in full view before us, it's easier to decide what to do about it. I find that less depressing, and even energising, compared to not really knowing what's going on and feeling powerless to contribute to a solution. 



The truth is liberating, but being able to do nothing as Europe crumbles around me is depressing. When I find myself getting too depressed I just tell myself that everything will be over soon and I will soon be able to see my mum again.


Our duty extends beyond our death, our influence, our triumphs. We do not wither away, if we remain duty bound. Those who live a life of degeneracy know an empty life, and they will know an empty death. It's these rootless cosmpolitans that I fear for. A life without purpose is something that I can't comprehend.

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Learn to cook good food, cut out anyone and anything that makes you feel negative or unworthy, and try exercise, a little at first then build up. You’ll sleep better plus you’ll start producing regenerative enzymes that make you look and feel fantastic. Don’t watch bbc or any other mainstream news, especially in the morning. Try remote viewing drills to build up positive psi and your anger/fire barrier.  Take in all the conspiracy stuff you need but leave it at the door when it starts to over run you. People can get addicted to positive reinforcement, I should know!

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Remember to have some balance.


Take time to listen to music, watch films, look at art, read books that make you laugh heartedly or have a positive influence on you.


Spend time with great uplifting people.


Get plenty of sunlight & sleep.


Don't take anything personally.


All the best

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