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NHS nurse suspended after branding Covid a 'scamdemic' and spreading conspiracy theory lies


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Hello all, 

been off here a while, just working hard and coming to home to lies of BBC and the truth of David Icke and Infowars.

Pardon me not posting for a while but I need to make this post a thread. A nurse has been struck off for Covid Conspiracy.

I have just downloaded a PDF file from a register of NHS nurses and did not know this was publicly available.

It shows you struck off people who are in NHS and stuff.

Interesting research, I copy and pasted the name in the register and it come up null. But id you put the womans name from the article in the search it gives you a 49 page document why she was struck off by NHS. 


All struck off for NHS conduct. 

Take a look at it all in detail.

I cant post this as it is a pdf but if you research the name on the register it comes up with the 49 page lies of why this woman was struck off.



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Posted (edited)

Go here: https://www.nmc.org.uk/registration/search-the-register/ and enter PIN 84K0043S to find this pdf


Here's the juicy bits:


28.The Registrant’s comments and advice given in respect of the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccines include, although are not limited to, the following:
a. denies that there is a global Covid-19 pandemic;
b. states that “there is no evidence that a pandemic exists, no evidence that Sars/Covid-2 has been purified and is unequivocally in existence”;
c. states that vaccines have been “rushed through” because “they want to kill you”;
d. states that “I am a nurse. I don’t agree with the vaccines anymore because I know what’s in them”;
e. attributes the symptoms of Covid-19 to radiation from 5G technology;
f. describes the pandemic as a scam;
g. states that “you can’t catch a virus”;
h. describes vaccines as poison;
i. states the flu vaccine causes long term health issues that can be fatal and causes damage to brain cells, vital organs and dementia;
j. states that vaccines cause sterility and changes a person’s DNA;
k. states that the ingredients in vaccines include acetone and aborted foetal cell tissue that turns into cancer;
l. advocates that members of the public and their children should not agree to be vaccinated against flu or measles;
m. states that no vaccine has ever been proved safe and effective;
n. suggested that ingesting disinfectant is less harmful than the ingredients of vaccines; 
Page 11 of 49
o. suggests that HPV vaccines cause cancer, had “killed girls on the spot” and had led to death;
p. encouraged members of the public not to socially distance but to “get hugging”;
q. discourages members of the public from wearing masks, stating that they do not stop viruses;
r. states that wearing a mask makes people very sick and increases the risk of bacteria and the risk of infections;
s. states that a person ill with Covid 19 may help other people by coughing on them.

29.The Registrant has also spoken and posted comments about nurses, other healthcare professionals, the NHS and the NMC. The comments made by the Registrant include, although not limited to, the following:
a. that nurses and other healthcare professionals are currently murdering patients;
b. describe nurses as being complicit in murder and are criminals and liars;
c. compare nurses in the UK today with healthcare professionals who cooperated in the Nazi extermination and euthanasia programmes of the 1930s and 1940s;
d. describe healthcare professionals and vaccination teams as needing to be renamed death squads;
e. suggest that the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (“NICE”) has given healthcare professionals a “license to kill”;
f. suggest that 9 out of every 10 nurses are “crap”;
g. describe nurses as being complicit in genocide;
h. state that “lots of nurses are really shit”; 
Page 12 of 49
i. describe the NHS as “murdering patients”, “genocidal”, having been subject to “Nazification”;
j. state that hospitals practise “bullshit medicine”;
k. describe “our elderly being systematically culled”;
l. describe the NMC being “lying liars of lies”, “complicit in murder”, “corrupt” and “complicit in genocide”;
m. describe the NMC as working to facilitate an agenda to “cancel life saving treatments in order to cause premature death”, “murder the old, infirm, disabled, vulnerable and sick”, “deceive and coerce the public to follow the lying government covid agenda” and to “support the racqueterring of the NHS”;
n. states that the NHS, the NMC, the GMC, Public Health England, and the Government are liars and conspiracy theorists, and should not be trusted;
o. calls for nurses and doctors as well as the Government to be arrested;


I'd say she is broadly correct 😏

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Grumpy Owl,

Dont kick me off this forum. I have re installed windows 10. Ive created a new handle.

I have got this operating system Grumpy owl from the Edward Snowden tails OS.

Trouble is I flashed it other day and got on internet with tails. Command prompt is damaging usb drives through command prompt and doing something to the usb drive so its inaccessible. I used Killdisk to format os and other of my computers. It is knacked. I used 1 passed zero killdisk NSA erasing. The USb disk is f''cked.

I tried it on older operating systems its dead. There is only one possibility that WIndows 10 knows you are downloading tails and if you flash it to a usb. you need to bypass the os by going into BIOS and booting straight into debian 14.9 tails.

They must have put some C+ code in to it to kill the usb disk after you attempt a reboot.



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On 6/8/2021 at 6:23 PM, mooseman111 said:

Grumpy Owl,

Dont kick me off this forum. I have re installed windows 10. Ive created a new handle.


Your forum account has nothing to do with the operating system you use, and members should not be having multiple accounts here:


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