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Conspiracy becomes official narrative for Terminator Usman Khan London Bridge 'terrorist


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Back when this happened, us nutters were roundly mocked for suggesting that Usman moved his coat around after being shot, and also rising from the dead later on, but because SO many people saw those videos, the inquest has made it part of the official story, that he's some sort of bullet proof monster.  Police were 'flabbergasted' that he survived so many bullets.  NO ONE IS FUCKING SITTING UP AFTER TAKING TWO HOLLOW POINT BULLETS TO THE HEAD OR TORSO!  OR ADJUSTING THEIR COAT!  What fucking planet are people on to swallow this bullshit?












You see, what happens is, when you shoot a terrorist dead, with his explosives vest, you just leave him there for eight minutes, looking at him, and then when he rises from the dead, you start shooting again at him again.  This is all normal procedure.



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