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Nigeria suspends Twitter


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On 6/5/2021 at 8:03 AM, whatthefoxhat said:

Nigeria suspends twitter


English language




BBC Pidgin version for those wondering where the licence fee goes




Probably a good thing, keeps propaganda away. The should ban The Zuck too.

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All they have ever done in their entire lives, just turn up and wave.


Then send a bill to the people for millions of dollars, for royal duties.


Little wonder they are smiling all the time.

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The very same Twatter that, after de-platforming the sitting President of the USA, preached the importance of the democratic process during an African country's election.

The same twatter that banned a Spanish politician for saying a man cant have babies because he doesn't have a womb or ovaries yet allows kiddie porn and ANTIFA calling to murder people.


If I could be bothered, I'd look for a synonym for hypocrisy but at the moment I think TWITTER itself is turning into a meme.


And anyone who thinks this cuck - who has had one too many kombucha enemas - really runs the twatterverse needs their head examined. 






Social media major Twitter on Wednesday (13 January) blasted east African nation Uganda for its ban on social media apps ahead of the election in the country, saying that the "public conversation" on social media platforms is "never more important than during democratic process".

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36 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

remember pregnant with their first kid she was non stop holding her moon bump every day in the press.

was it the same this time? i didnt even know she was preg.

And I cared even less. Two of the biggest oxygen thieves on the planet.

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