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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Rainbow Pride or Fascism?


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After you’ve walked into the supermarket wearing no mask past a jumped up little Hitler...


I’ll hear you say the words “I’m exempt”, or else you’ll be out of here or off chilling out in the Gulags!

Heil Hitler!

These people have been indoctrinated to question people and get a rise out of them!


That’s right this world has never been closer to a state of fascism.
A police military state with “delegated” responsibility of people ensuring compliance, power tripping on their little bit of extra control and influence they have over other people.

If you didn’t notice it’s because your compliance is complicity with a state of fascism and that is the problem!
It has never been more obvious how the world is run by evil idiots, who are occupying a lot of spineless cowards who herd together like sheep to camouflage their own cowardice in the face of the enemy. To hide this cowardice it’s most effective to pretend no such enemy exists!

It’s their own/your own insecurities which stops people from seeing this problem.

You could even say that this problem only exists as it does because of a mass state of insecurity.
That others are trying to impose a state of mass control and conformity. It’s best to comply than be the nail that stands out...
It’s far more convenient to pretend everything is normal by the definition of what is expected of you, which is accumulated by looking at what all those around you are doing and you doing it to “fit in”. To feel accepted without feeling a sense of resentment and hostility towards you.

So, people comply for an easy life, then deny to themselves that they’re doing this to deny the reality of their own cowardice that needs to be identified on an individual level and collective!
They look towards others and imitate their behaviour.

No better or no more sense than the 100 monkey effect.

3. Are we all monkeys?




This has many suffering a state of Stockholm syndrome, which was ironically one of the only places in the world - Sweden 🇸🇪- who didn’t enter lockdown? 🤔
I think our handlers are trying to tell everyone something, whilst laughing in the faces of all those who are so naive and dimwitted to notice...


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke.


1. The irony of security guards enforcing masks
(Who ironically, was previously tasked with the job of ensuring no face coverings where worn for “security reasons” so their facial recognition cameras could track your face) FYI - Those security guards who previously used to only stand by the door entrance/exit had an additional staff member who used to stand near the front door cameras observing those who entered. If you had your face covered they’d ask you to remove it to shop in the store before this COVID era. The ground has been setup for a crisis event/false flag of security to then usher in a mass state of the acceptance to this facial recognition technology to combat crime and terrorism eventually after some event where traditional security standards weren’t effective because of face coverings.


2. This is what Icke described as The Comning Third World War
It’s little Willy syndrome and yes, women have this also. We need more people to say I’m sovereign and no one has responsibility or power over me unless I grant them based upon me accepting their reasoning for having such impositions upon me. If more people did this, their influence would be impossible, their power none existent!


I shared this on my wall and I don’t think it was seen or understood by some people 🥱😆

How many times have you heard recently;
I know it sounds stupid, I know it is stupid or I know it seems stupid...
Usually then followed up by some form of expectation of your unquestionable conformity with something stupid? 🤔
What was it in relation with?
There you go 👍

Or is it just me?

My attempt at avoiding the censor either wasn’t successful or people aren’t having the same experience as me?

I’ve had doctors, nurses, security guards and the likes say this...
While not always, this has definitely increased lately with the COVID scam.
From wearing face masks to having your temperature taken.
Don’t do it, it’s fucking stupid!

Or better put, if you think and feel it’s stupid and doesn’t make any sense, ask yourself and those trying to influence your behaviour why am I and why should I do this and consider not doing it as an option. Then you’ll understand!


David Icke The Comning Third World War



3. We’re all Monkeys?



🌈 Come Taste the Rainbow? 🕊 

This rainbow 🌈 symbolism isn’t about pride month this was Introduced last year when they got the ball rolling with the wuhan lie as an excuse to issue martial law!

When they had us muzzled outside clapping and children taping rainbows to windows! 6ft apart! This symbology represents evils satanic NWO! It is all ritualistic satanic symbology of our silenced enslavement as we have demonstrated since the cull began.

The beast system is the virus with the media at its forefront ! It’s worldwide! We are controlled, enslaved - governed! 

This is beast system symbology representing satanism! A mockery of the biblical covenant, gods promise! Spirtual warfare! All connected! Schools, hospitals, governments, shops, clothing, gp’s, bbc, media, tabloids, news. All of it! - Jane



They got everyone to book holidays in Portugal, now it looks like it's being moved from Green to Amber on their childish traffic light system🚦😅😅 which means you've gotta pay for a PCR test, & you're *meant* to quarantine for 10 days when ya get back, even though ya vaxxed, COS YA VAXX AIN'T ABOUT A VIRUS. 

You've gotta give it to them though, it is funny watching the goal posts get moved every single time, & the masses just keep aiming for the new goal 😭 

Remember you asked for this clown world when you started complying with things that don't make ANY sense 👍

Insanity  - Doing the same thing & expecting change.
Emma Norton

Ignored by most of the MSM 😆
How credible of them. It mustn’t have been important enough or something...



The rainbow. COVID, the Vaccine and 5G, it’s all symbolic of attacking the chakra system. 
The seven colour of the rainbow, chakra system, the “seven churches”.




This attack is upon higher states of consciousness possible through the heart.
Aka shutting up the gates of heaven.

It’s a war upon the heart!




The rainbow symbolism represents the chakra system, called rainbow body by a practice of Tibetan Buddhism.
The seven chakras, seven wheels of light are the seven colours.
Transcending your spirit energies, your vibrational state/shift of consciousness back to source or back to pure light by creating a perception of oneness, purity and unity. Attempting to act as a vessel for this purity to dawn.
An altering of your state of consciousness by tuning in your own state of consciousness to receive it which takes such patience and understanding. It’s no easy task which is why this is denied by so many caught up like the rabbit 🐇 In Alice in Wonderland!
This could be said in Christian terms remaining within a state of grace, innocence and purity.
This is symbolised by a visible rainbow upon death of an individual.
This is like the triangle prism rainbow effect and the creation of the rainbow above the person who has died, is of transcendence back to that pure light source out of this limited frequency shift of visible light we are experiencing as “the physical world” - Which is a distorted shattered form of consciousness which is essentially being filtered to create an illusion/hologram. A bad copy of a former higher state of existence.

While of course, this vaccine being rolled out is said by some to be having an impact upon the chakra system, particularly the heart chakra.
While even in a physical nature this is symbolised by blood clots occurring, lack of oxygen etc 
Whilst oxygen is the connection with source/the divine.
Altered states of consciousness both higher and lower can be achieved through altering the breathing...
Vaccines and tech like 5G are both doing this. Altering our consciousness via targeting oxygen/breathing and our heart.

The desired building of King Solomons Temple by the Globalists in Jerusalem also happens to symbolically represent the heart as a temple in Freemasonry of the individual. This is perhaps worth noting considering this “game” is being played out at the same time!


This is symbolic of shutting up the gates of heaven, the gates of end times prophecy.
Massively being rolled out by Billy Goat Gates

For Transhumanism to be successful, the false paradise upon earth, the gates of heaven are being sealed shut from within the body, DNA, by these methods of disconnection, disassociation via vaccination along with information/spiritual warfare.

While after doing this and all the war to get here they’ll be preaching unity and oneness to usher in the NWO global system.

All to usher in this new era of chaos...



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Does anyone else actually believe this book could be true about a certain Billy Goat Gates?
He is the actual reanimated dead corpse using A.I., DNA Technology and all they want to do is transform the rest of society within their image?
Using A.I. as their lord and master because it’s A.I. that thinks for them?
Not to sound like “the prophet of doom” or anything.
But we are being had big time!
Whilst actually told the truth as far out ideas within a mass of science fiction.

Listen to Intelligent Design by David Spicer on Audible


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