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what would happen if all lying mainstreamedia were destroyed/disabled?


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The one and only reason why this great covid fraud and successful vaccine push is due to an awakened public allowing lying newsstations, radio, newspaper and internet sites to keep running day and night 365 days a year.

The awakened public keep pointing out the cause and effect over and over

This past 17 months i have hardly come across someone saying "why dont we somehow shut them down?"

I exception.....i remember some rioting in the states where they threw a few bricks and firebombs at the CNN office. 

On this and all the other consp forums they actively post 24hrs a day on latest lies and propaganda but spend zero minutes discussing ways of stopping the lying machine

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I think at this stage, if some miracle happened where we simultaneously in every country charged the MSM stations destroying them like razing them to the ground......that action could save the aprox 70% of the population still unvaccinated from constant bombardment of fear producing facts, pressurizing them to take the jab. They would have space to talk about it and decide for themselves best thing to do.


I said earlier there isnt that much work to do. 1 country 5 TV stations and 6 or 7 newspaper offices. A few scattered radio stations. I see only a few hours work of ransacking and general smashing up

Oh, almost forgot to mention lynching a few editors and reporters that would take a few minutes extra time

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We'd all start having real social lives instead of virtual ones....I grew up before cable TV...Most people had nice lives, with real friends, and plenty of time to do the things we wanted to...Most people were civil and friendly to one another.


The mystery to me is, that most people seemed to throw that all away in exchange for gadgets and electronics...and isolation.


It' still easy to just turn them (MSM) off...or ignore TV altogether.

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