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Well Known Strange Cases Thread


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6 hours ago, Seeker said:

What’s your take on it all? Some truth to it, or a total psyop? In open to various ideas


I believe aliens/other intelligent lives are real (from under our oceans and/or space) and in also different dimensions. There's too many stories out there dating way back to conclude that we're alone in this universe.

Having said that, I would be of the opinion that TPTB has been controlling our history books and the scientific community for a very long time to guide humanity toward a certain path. That would include an alien invasion in order for the TPTB to come out as our savior thus having the populace to follow them for a nefarious future.

I have yet to see any of them (cabal, governments) ever doing the right thing for humanity as a whole and it's not about to change... Look at the ongoing plandemic for example.


If aliens were to invade this planet in a dramatic way as predicted, why just wake up now if they have been around for ever? 

We, humans in general (most) are not aware or understand our own environment like space, our oceans, plants as medicine, our true origin, the spiritual and healing power in individuals, etc, etc.

We've been conditioned to follow and believe what we're told by our precious Presidents/ Prime Sinisters and not to question anything or you're a conspiracy theorists. Same goes for UFOs and aliens, people will demand for government protection when they see a hologram in the sky and crafts flying around as an "invasion".

The total control of humanity and the depopulation agenda have been orchestrated a long time ago by evil forces (secret societies) that we're fighting today. 


If an invasion was to happen 🙂 , it would probably be safer to go along with the ETs than your own government knowing how evil your own species can be. 😀








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On 6/11/2021 at 3:00 AM, The Old Knight said:

Here's Steven Greer and Linda Moulton Howe at Rockefeller ranch hanging out with Laurence Rockefeller.







Another friend. 




Is that Bob Bigelow with his arm around Howe..???

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On 6/4/2021 at 3:08 AM, Seeker said:



The Sealand Skull is the creepiest of them all. No one seems to want to research it and it is clearly not part of any known species in history, a total mystery. 


I know Brian Forester did the research on the skulls found in Peru and is very interesting. 


It is alleged that there have been strange shaped shaped skulls found under or around the Vatican, with some speculating the Vatican knows or researches aliens. With some pointing to what look like UFOs in old art work. 




Yes it dose make you wonder about the Vatican, you would have to ask the question why do they have there own large astronomical telescope  and observatory with a resident astronomer,they also  have controlling interest in the satellite orbiting the sun. Since many ancient civilizations talk of the sun gods and even modern groups such as the Hopi and some African tribes like the Dogon talk of their star brothers and their true home in the stars   it wouldn't be an unreasonable question to ask, what or who is the Vatican actually looking for?

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