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Bob Moran, Political Cartoonist

Golden Retriever

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See what they do to people who won't endorse the lies.


Telegraph's Cartoonist Bob Moran Violates Twitter Rules With Anti-Vax Attack On Doctor

Moran accused an NHS palliative care doctor of promoting "disgusting ideologies".


"This is not the first time Moran has expressed his anti-Covid vaccine stance. He previously claimed that the UK has had an “immoral, totalitarian reaction” to the virus and has accused people who have been vaccinated of being “dangerously misguided”.


He called the UK’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty “one of the most dangerous people alive”.


On September 19, he tweeted: “I am unashamedly anti all Covid-19 vaccines for anyone in society. I have never been against vaccines previously. However, I no longer trust the pharmaceutical industry, the advisory committees or the health service. So no more vaccines of any kind for me or my children. Ever.


“And to be clear, I am not just against the Covid-19 vaccines because I think they are dangerous & useless. I think the fact that they were created at all is ethically disgusting. Even if they WERE safe and effective, their creation would remain an unforgivable waste of money.”


According to a report from Press Gazette, The Telegraph is expected to suspend Moran after his tweets"



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6 minutes ago, ink said:

Lots of the images/posts seem to have gone from this thread :(


I never saw this colour version until today 




Out of likes.


I posted most of the anti Covid cartoons from Twitter. So I suspect Twitter has removed them.


STAND FIRM 200.jpg


He's making money from his artwork, but so what, it's a good message imo.



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16 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

He's making money from his artwork, but so what, it's a good message imo.


I have no problem with that, fair play to him and they are well worth it :)


He sold the 'Stand firm' painting .... sold a lot of art and there are many there (at your link) which I have never seen.

Normally I would just grab any image I wanted but I respect Bob and will not.


Never saw this one ....



and this .... well I just can't right now .... but I would have loved to buy it




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