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Shock statement - There are actually thousands of covid variants


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Bad news guys another covid variant has  sprung up from nepal this time, and is resistant to all vaccines, meaning no more holidays for millions, harsher restrictions and more doom and gloom about a third wave.

Sage have employed there psychic powers, crystal ball, magical four leaved clover, and made a  statement saying that there are actually thousands of covid variants, strangely without yet proving the first one even exists. The nepal variant has been detected over all over europe, delivering another blow to the travel and hospitality industry. Since the nwo wants us permanantly locked down, these industries have been targeted as expendable.

According to reports, none of them from nepal, the nepal variant has filled hospitals with dying patients, approximatly 9000 a day. Aided by the indian variant, the hospitals are on their knees.

MP Henry Smith, chairman of the all-party Future of Aviation group of MPs, : 'After a devastating year for our aviation, travel and tourism industries, this will come as a fatal blow to an industry that is close to breaking point. This is going to cause a summer lockdown and totally destroy business and international travel, for good.

With the increasing costs of holdays, pcr tests, and hotels for isolation ( £2000 per person ), there are few who can actually afford a summer holiday right now. This does not apply to mp's as they are funded by the public tax payer and do whatever they want.

With more and more countries being added to the red and amber list everyday, it is doubtable people will be actually able to find anywhere to travel to.

The media is also reporting about the terrible actions of beverly turner who appeared on This Morning, stating the virus does not exist and the vaccine does not stop you catching or spreading any disease. Dermot o 'leary went totally and utterly crazy mental as he was upstaged:

Dermot: "The finest minds of science have - in an extraordinary short amount of time - come up with this vaccine. It's proven it's working, statistically. Why are you so cynical?"

"We have no long-term data," Beverley replied.

He responded: "We don't have a chance to have long-term data because we have this virus that's killing people around the whole world."

Thousands of complaints were lodged over dermot's offensive behaviour.

Dermot's co-host Alison Hammond said she is too scared to get the vaccine.

Alison: " I'm so worried about the vaccine myself because I really don't want to get a blood clot.

"I've been talking about it the whole time, I don't want to get a blood clot.

"I don't want to die because I'm really enjoying this job and everything, it's absolutely amazing."

 "So if I'm really worried about myself, I'm even more worried about my son.

"Can you guarantee he's not going to get ill if he takes that vaccine?

"Our children are the most precious things in the world and I just don't want him to get ill from taking the vaccine."

It also highlights another intresting point, the news story that the pfizer vaccine has made people ill and now been linked to heart attacks which killed two people and injured countless others in israel. people reported chest pain, a fever, a fast heartbeat, tiredness and shortness of breath.

Are vaccines safe? The WHO states when the pandemic started some gp's were prescribing antibiotics instead of the vaccine, this has now lead to antibiotic resistant strains which will overwhelm the planet. Antibiotic resistance is a state that develops in bacteria when they have been exposed to medicines so many times that the drugs no longer work against them. So if the covid thing ever ends, they have more excuses already primed.



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Great post Jack , I'm getting really pissed off with the all these fake variants, it's all bullshit , it seems like only the rich will be able to travel abroad for a summer holiday, I have had two holidays cancelled because of this bollocks and I just got a new passport last January, it looks like these variants will give them the excuse and powers to take away our freedoms and have us in a permanent lockdown forcing us to take their vaccine and be controlled,

Nepal variant , what next ?

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they are practically telling the truth but its a half truth there are many many variants of corona-virus, but they inter change it with covid and visa versa its all to sow confusion and obviously to exert more and more control and away go our freedoms. and yes I fully expect another round of bullshit after 21 of this month. its all about the money control and bringing the general population right down sad state of affairs

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