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I'm not Chinese' T-shirts fuel racial hatred

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How would you deal with this problem?



"While "Stop Asian Hate" is an on-going wave against discrimination, "Yes, I am Asian. No, I am not Chinese" is suspected of sowing exclusion and discord." 
"These slogans have obvious connotations. They are isolating Chinese in a time when it is imperative for all Asian-Americans to stand together."





"A racist won't care where someone comes from and will attack anyone who looks Asian, said German Sinologist Kimilo Suda in March. When the fire of hatred spreads, nobody will be spared, whether you are Korean-American or Japanese-American. In a hatred-fueled society, any innocent individual is likely to become a target."


This is where I disagree with the article. 
Please continue reading ... 
Solution #1 - Educational Videos 
  • People from different Asian countries other than China could come together in a series of short one minute educational videos to support the #stopasianhate movement, while at the same time promote the cultural diversity which exists in the Asian community.



Solution #2 - #stopasianhate t-shirts 
  • Online companies, or local printers could manufacture and sell t-shirts from Asian countries other than China. see below
"Some Americans wear a Canadian flag to hide the fact that they are American. Flag jacking refers to wearing a foreign flag in an attempt to disguise the country a traveler is from, such as when American tourists wear Canadian flags, hoping to receive friendlier treatment or service than they might otherwise.
Start off with Asian countries then branch out to others
Same design front and back of shirts
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