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The Forbidden Religion .... a book

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I have not put this into Recommended Reading as I do not recommend it .... but I also do not condemn it!

It is more a personal question which I hope members well versed in Christian religion can help with? <<<< if you have read this book!


Normally when I read a PDF it sits on my desktop until read and then is moved to whatever directory it should be in .... but with this it has sat on my desktop for a few months after being read (and it is a short, easy read)!


The book is, as per the title of this thread, 



Jose M. Herrou Aragon 2007


I mainly like to read older books, so this being quite new, I find it strange that it sits still on my desktop??


It states some things which I have not read before and just wish for other views from those that have a deeper knowledge in this field and who have read the short book?


I will quote two parts but there are many more of conflict with current beliefs, for/of some.

Some of the thrust of the book would be:


  • That the Spirit (created by the True Creator) is trapped in this realm by the Soul (which is created by the Demiurge, who created the physical realms).
  • That Christ was first within this realm as the Serpent (in the garden of Eden) and is actually called, first as Serpent Lucifer and that Jesus was the second coming and should be known as Christ Lucifer.
  • That Spirit detests the physical realm and wishes to destroy it .... and will if it can free itself.
  • That Cain was 'Good', made via the joining of Serpent Lucifer (so Christ) and Eve and that Abel was 'Bad' made from Adam and Eve. 




Gnostics of later times, at the beginning of Christianity,who came to be known as Christian Gnostics or Gnostic Christians, regarded Christ as the Serpent of Genesis. This was because Christ, much later than the events in the earthly paradise, came carrying a liberating message, just like the Serpent. A message which frees man from this impure world. These Christian Gnostics believe that it was this knowledge which allowed man to make contact with the other world, the one opposed to the demiurge: the unknowable world of the True God.
Christ, the bearer of this message, this Gnosis, has been likened to the Serpent of Genesis, who returns to Earth for a second time to help humanity.

The first coming was Serpent Lucifer and the second was Christ Lucifer.

According to christian Gnosis, when Christ came to the world, it was his second time, since the first time was in the earthly paradise.

In both cases it was, actually, Lucifer, the Messenger of the Unknowable.

In both cases, the message was the same: Gnosis that disturbs, causes changes, wakes up and liberates those who listen to it.

For Christian Gnostics, the Serpent is Christ, the Saviour who came to this world twice.
There is a Gnostic diagram of a crucified serpent, hammered onto a cross, which further shows the Gnostic identity between the Serpent of Genesis and Christ.

There are myths which state that the cross on which Christ was crucified was made of wood from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.




Later on we see that Cain murdered his brother Abel.
This is something very profound as it signifies that the Spirit rejects, destroys and murders the soul.

Abel, presented as pure love and devotion in the bible, represents the soul of man according to Gnostics.

Cain, on the contrary, represents the Spirit, which explains his hostility and hatred.

Hostility and hatred typical of the Spirit, since the Spirit really hates this impure world, full of unfair and absurd rules. This explains Cain’s resistance to making sacrifices and his disobedience as regards the creator’s commandments.

Cain and Abel are as opposed and irreconcilable as are the Spirit and the soul.
The soul is pure love, not True Love but that which we know as love, that which we believe is love, that which we have been told is love, which in actual fact is hatred.

The Spirit is the opposite; It is perceived as pure hatred, hostility and revenge. Due to being shackled in this satanic creation the only thing the Spirit can feel is hostility and hatred, that which ordinary men know as hatred.

The Spirit,which is Pure Love, can only feel aversion and disgust before this thing that is, in fact, pure garbage.

That is why the Spirit wants to destroy this satanic creation, because for It, creation is a deformed monstrosity which should never have come into existence.

This is what Cain’s murder of Abel symbolises.




So I have put the book for download here:




and would welcome any views from any who have read the short book and have a knowledge of current considerations which the book discusses.



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My first thought was this is not so different to Sabbatian Frankest in there inversion of the bible. The idea that creation is an inferior god is not in itself wrong but that creation is Satan is i believe incorrect even though i have had similar thoughts myself. For me there is not enough here to turn my back on creation

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I'll just say that what is (commonly)referred to as the "soul", what it is,  and the importance of "it" is suspicious to me.

Soul. Cell.

Individual cell.

Prison cell.


I came across a guy 13 years ago called "adampants"/"jonathan" on y.t., that was chronicling his spiritual exploration with a large number of monologues describing his awareness/reconnection with the Spirit  of The True Creator, he claimed to have accessed "elders" from beyond this realm that were teaching/showing him the nature of this illusion.

At one point he described how "they give you an energy body, put you in a soul", this was in reference to the "karma" and "reincarnation" idea that has been popular in this world...he basically said we're being duped...recycled...to keep this counterfeit "world" going...using fear, guilt against us. False god played(hallucinated) by the ego(illusion/fake self)...

Cancerous consciousness. Metaphorically speaking. Metaphor or analogy is the only way to communicate about non-physical illusions, and reality.

Jonathan ended up taking his stuff down around 2009, and disappeared. He posted that he was taking it down because he wanted to do it over, make it more universal,,,he said there was too much blame and negative information in it as it was, he said "it was not of me"...I understood that to mean he was ego-projecting and "toggling" back and forth between The Spirit and the ego, apparently at the end of his progression he realized the ego had been using him and piggybacking along, manipulating and distorting his perceptions to too high of a degree to leave it up. Meaning it could cause unnecessary problems/setbacks for some people.

I didn't buy into everything(I never do), but much of it resonated strongly with me.


I think alot of assumptions are made concerning "the soul", ,,accepted ideas without real reason for assumimg or accepting the validity or legitimacy of those claims and ideas. To me "the soul" is meaningless. To speak of it as if I know it, or remember it would be dishonest.

To me only The Truth is meaningful, and all that which is of, by, for and with The Truth. Anything else is nothing and nowhere.


ps; you pdf link is expired or something

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It seems a view some Gnostics have taken. Here is a lot of information on the Gnostics:


What the Greeks and Gnostics called the “Demiurge” is a universal intelligence that fashions our world.

It is said that the Demiurge converts abstract metaphysical archetypes (higher thoughts/ideas) into physically manifest forms, akin to your browser turning source code into a displayed web page. Just as a browser obediently displays what it’s given, the Demiurge projects, shapes, and perpetuates physicality in accordance with the archetypal thoughts fed into it by the Creator.


Archetypes are the building blocks of meaning, the fundamental alphabet of existence, the abstract thoughts of the divine, of which all things are but particular expressions.

Why is the concept of Demiurge even necessary? Well, we know from the “reality creation” phenomenon that our own minds can shape reality by directly altering the probability of events.


Due to the dependence of reality on mind, it would seem that reality is being projected by our minds. And yet, reality continues to exist even in our absence. When we stop paying attention to something physical, it does not wink out of existence. Obviously there must be something other than our own consciousness at work, something that is always there, that functions as the default generator and perpetuator of physicality. This would be the Demiurge.

Why not attribute this function to the Infinite Creator and dispense with the extra concept of Demiurge? Because as you will see, the characteristics of the Demiurge indicate more of a blind artificial intelligence than an infinite sentient being.


Therefore its function is uncharacteristic of the Creator and unique unto itself.



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Hi Friends,


I just finished reading this book. It is really interesting and thought provoking. Most of ideas presented are not new to me, but some of them are.


It makes a lot of sense, considering that it is rather obvious that some sort of evil is definitely in charge of this world. Now, is it demiurgic evil, demonic evil, alien evil, or just plain old human evil, I don't know, but some kind of evil is definitely in charge here. I of course don't know, unfortunately, what is the situation like across the universe, are other planets and beings living under the influence of evil as we are, so I can't really say that all created/material existence is inherently bad.


It also makes a lot of sense that perfect, all good, all powerful creator wouldn't create an existence in such a way that ones life basically depends on destruction of other forms of life. Even in universe, creation is dependent on destruction. I understand that from some higher perspective it might not seem so bad, I understand that there needs to be balance in everything, and I understand that Earths eco-system is perfectly designed, and that all that violence and death serves it's purpose.

But when you look at the lion suffocating a herbivore, or looking at hyenas eating an animal while it is still alive, it makes you wonder, doesn't it?


I can also completely agree with it in the sense that most of religions on this planet are not from True Creator. Abrahamic religions, at lease in my opinion, are definitely created by something/someone evil, with obvious misinformation and obvious bad intentions. 


On the other hand, it seems impossible to me, from my current point of view, not to love this gorgeous planet, our animals, plant and insect companions. They all can be rather savage and deadly to one another, and to us, but still, how can one hate a puppy or a kitten, a sunrise, a flower etc.


Even if what this books says it's true, and everything is created by an evil creator, it is not the fault of those little creatures and I'm not so sure about all that "hate everything that is created" way of thinking.


Any thoughts would be really appreciated. 


Thanks, kind regards..



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Interesting read. Some resonates, some strongly & some I perceive as subjective which is impossible to escape, being man.

Windows on the world has also covered a little of the Nag Hammadi scriptures which I have fleetingly listened into and will be reading when time permits.

It seems many are trying to piece together a puzzle that is hidden and disparate paths converge. Interesting times.






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On 6/2/2021 at 5:08 PM, ink said:

and would welcome any views from any who have read the short book and have a knowledge of current considerations which the book discusses.




Sorry Ink I wasn't going to comment because you asked only for comments from people who've read the book - I haven't but I'm going to comment anyway so people know where I stand.


From your quotes this book looks like Luciferian indoctrination propaganda. Its the reversal of truth and reality to detract from God.


Lucifer - does not exist, he's a typo, in the original texts it says - 'Oh how art thou fallen day star' Day star was reference to the planet Venus. later on either or both the Greeks and Hebrews changed the text to say 'Oh how art thou fallen light bearer' When the Romans came along they translated the text into Latin to the Vulgate Bible and 'Light bearer' got translated to 'Lucifer' so now the text read - oh how art thou fallen Lucifer' So Lucifer was born and the Church invented a whole back story about him being a Fallen Angel 'How art thou fallen' etc He's a complete fiction so when someone comes along offering spiritual knowledge on a work of fiction I say don't pay any attention to it.


But what it does is confuse people, validate the Roman Church work of fiction and lead people off into all sorts of errors.

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