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Earth is flat? Hear me out


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23 hours ago, Mkultra said:

I have come across some new information. What does everyone think about this https://www.youtube.com/user/godgevlamste/playlists


I think you're just trying to promote your YouTube channel.


We had a very lengthy thread on the subject of 'Flat Earth' already here:


After 137 pages, it came to an end, as the discussion was going nowhere, and the same things were just being repeated over and over again, with a lack of discussion, and more than enough arguments and bickering.


The invitation has always been there for someone else to start a new topic on this subject, for anyone who is willing to present information in a clear and honest way, and be ready for some robust discussion on this topic.


However there has to be more to the discussion than just presenting videos and asking people to 'do your own research'.


If anyone is going to post a video here, and ask the question "what do you think?", it is good practice to at least present a short written summary of what the video entails, along with your own thoughts and opinions. That is how one starts a good meaningful discussion. Plus, some videos that get shared here can be quite lengthy, and not everybody has the time to watch through a 2 hour presentation (for example).


Also, a polite note that posting the same link/thing in several different topics in this forum can be construed as 'spamming'.


For anyone wanting to discuss 'flat earth' here, please look through the old topic linked to above, and don't make the same mistakes again.

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