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Lockdown coming June 2021 ?


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Looks like they are getting ready to lock down the U.K this June blaming the so called Indian Variant and nonsense of rising cases , will the public put up with this  shit especially during the summer months when they will not be allowed to go on their summer holidays and other freedoms taken away,

What's it all about forced vaccinations or something else ?

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I called this out to a relative back in April,telling him that the fake narrative,the "Honest Injun" variant,was setting the groundwork.He is a fully paid up Covidian who trusts Johnson so it will be interesting to see if it opens his eyes yet.


I believe this is the Final Lockdown,destined to last until everyone submits to the needle.


I am relatively old so not too concerned with my own demise.Its just that I hoped to eventually pass peacefully in my sleep,not being hauled off under arrest to a death camp for execution:that stuff only happens in movies.


At least it did up to the year 2019.




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