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Compulsory vaccinations are here


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NHS staff would be legally required to have the jab under plans. The Government also prepares to press ahead with plans to mandate the jab on care home workers.

Under the plans, having a Covid vaccine would become a condition of employment by the NHS.

Ministers are said to be "keen" on the unprecedented proposals, which were discussed by senior government figures last week.

Ministers are desperate to amend the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 to ensure care homes can only hire vaccinated applicants.

The Department of Health said that "while vaccination uptake rates are increasing slowly week on week, there are still a high number of older adult care homes which do not have the level of protection we think they should get."

Ministers are also understood to be very worried by the numbers of NHS medics refusing the vaccine. A study published in the British Medical Journal in February found very low uptake amongst ethnic minority healthcare workers compared to white staff, and amonst the general public as well, which is a situation the government is keen to address.

The Government is likely to face claims that a policy of mandating vaccinations would be "discriminatory". One senior doctor has already said the move would widen inequalities and increase workplace bullying and harassment.

In March, Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, cited the requirement for doctors to have a hepatitis B vaccine as a precedent for effectively making Covid vaccinations compulsory among social care workers. 

On Monday, NHS officials are planning to vaccinate up to 15,000 people in the biggest ever walk-in vaccination event at Twickenham Stadium, south-west London.

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Basically any essential worker can just say no to the government and they can't do anything..... people in delivery trades, medical trades, agriculture etc got the government by the gonads at the end of the day

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