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The question not being asked - Whats worse, to die with “Rona”, or from the Vaxx?


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You don’t die from the vaccine is the general MSM consensus but those that do are an “unknown quantity” based upon extremely rare adverse reactions based upon limiting circumstances surrounding only that individual.

Nothing to do with any vaccine 🤣

This is never expressed or in anyway stated about “the virus” which has such a high survival rate and by their own standards, only kills people with other underlying conditions, yet this has justified the whole virus/vaccine agenda?

It has justified fear mongering of this is coming to get you and your love ones type narrative, if you don’t do what we say, conform and become open to having your behaviour engineered to adapt, alongside a whole host of cancel culture operations...

While a fascist police force will help enforce these standard, driving a bigger wedge and state of bitterness between the majority of society and the police, which is the very thing that will justify the Police/Military State which is just another one of those “conspiracy theories”.

This also happening where and when both the police and healthcare have been seriously undermined by cost cutting exercises - here in the UK at least I’m sure it will be the same in many other places - by the same tyrants to make people desire their coldly calculated outcomes. 


How they can get away with presenting this type of narrative over an emergency vaccine that hasn’t been tested is anyone’s guess but this is what they’re obviously doing. They’re protecting the vaccine because the agenda no matter what is the vaccine 💉 and always has been, come what may, hell or high water, the vaccine will continue to roll out and we will be hit wave 🌊 after wave 🌊 until we see the need and have been browbeaten into taking their scam/fake vaccine. 🌞☔🌊🌈🕊🌝


The Hunger Games Society 


Touching the Untouchables

The undesirables ermm....we mean the vulnerable, are up first for their Jab! You mean the ones already damaged from childhood government ‘vaccines’?? 🤔 🤔 🤔Janie Elizabeth


The not so “hidden hand” of the “civilised” system gent who knows all the handshakes in the book ☝️

Yet he has forgotten, that to enter he had to blind and bind himself not only to a system of slavery that has now occupied his senses, which really doesn’t give a damn about him, but to one that made that system a noose around his own neck and called it a halo 😇 

The sacrifice of his spirit to be “worldly” while ironically it’s this “worldliness” their very nature is destroying!




We’re bringing “democracy everywhere”.

It’s called Globalisation and you’ll love it, you’ll have to or else you’ll look like this. ^ Not a pot to piss in! ^ 

Survival of the fittest, dog eat dog. The Hunger Games Society!





Homeless doesn’t exist here, we have posts and sharp surfaces to keep them away, as if they’re “rats with wings” - pigeons 🙌🏻


If they can’t be seen, they’re no longer an inconvenience to our way of life because what can’t be seen doesn’t exist. They become another war in the Middle East!



To some this appears as fascism, tyranny and as all the bad things this civilised world has to say and throw at communism, socialism and basically all it’s phantom enemies it uses to create a menace around the world of which they seek to justify “restoring their version of order” after making the destabilisation in the first place!

Which is just another hand of their globalisation operation. It’s all acts of deception and desperation!


First they’ll kill you with kindness, perpetuate your own greed and desires and if that doesn’t work, they’ll do so with might is right and via acts of legislation, like a monster from the sea coming ashore, it brings it’s own laws of piracy 🏴‍☠️with it on land and robs the common man of his senses and then brands him, civilised.

Well done 👏

Then, they’ll try to laugh at you and marginalise you if you express the very notion of a conspiracy 😆🤫

So long as they’re happy, they don’t give a damn. 

Then, they have the audacity to call you selfish for not adhering to their games of conformity so they can stay comfortable!

So their system of control can continue to exist 🖕🏿



Even *IF* the 💉 worked (which they don’t), your health is NOT my responsibility.


No amount of coercion, blackmail or guilt tripping will ever make me put my children’s health or my own below that of someone else’s.

Ellie Grey


Is it worse to die with Rona, or from the Vaxx ? only the vaxx deaths are starting to increase now & I don't hear anyone saying "one vaxx death is too many, stop the vaccines" 🐸☕

Emma Norton





Tom and Jerry - Corona 


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Posted (edited)

We being systematically exterminated until the earth is cleansed.
The world will then be rebooted within their image. The Great Reset.

As a retired NHS Sister, I cannot believe that ANY Doctor would even consider going along with the C...virus at the expense of Sentencing so many other patients with pre existing conditions, to extreme suffering and death.




I guess people in their twisted righteous logic probably still believe they’re helping people fight an actual virus from a real pandemic and that they will actually die as a result of the virus and not the jab! This is how system logic is working! The media has done a great job in CONvincing people that a virus exists and the jabs are a necessary evil which some ‘unfortunately’ might react to!! So people are gambling their lives and health on this flawed logic because they blindly trust the media and those who enable a corrupt system and believe the Covid might kill them without the jab!! Insanity! When it’s the jabs that are killing them and the virus never existed! - Jane



Hells Mouth - In the Mouth of Madness - The sane and the insane flip overnight - You want to hear about my ‘they’ don’t you?

“We’re in the teeth of this pandemic” - BJ the Clown 🤡 



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