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Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson says Israel should not be discussed


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Headteachers have been told by Gavin Williamson to not allow discussions over the Israel-Palestinian conflict, following a “concerning” increase in anti-Semitic conversations.

Mr Williamson said the recent israeli violence had increased focus on the conflict in many schools, which in some cases had led to the expression of anti-Semitic views and questioning of Jewish students and teachers.

He said schools should treat these incidents with “much seriousness”.  When asked why only jewish critisim was  being censored Mr Williamson said: "It is a subject close to my heart."

" Discrimination and racism in any form should never be tolerated in education or in wider society . Israel as a friend of the west should be given consideration."

“Schools should not present materials in a politically biased or one-sided way and should always not work with organisations that show any anti-Semitic views”

They should not work with, or use materials from, organisations that publicly reject Israel’s declared right to exist, he added.

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