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Boris, COVID, Spun Gold Wallpaper and Faraday Cages?

Mikhail Liebestein

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So today it was mentioned on a news programme that Boris was ill with COVID when the Downing Street redecoration took place. This was part of the discussion of Lord Geidt's report that duggested Boris acted unwisely over the project, thinking a blind trust was acceptable.


If you look into the details of the wallpaper, it actually contains spun gold, hence the huge price of £840 per roll. 


Now I'm not thinking about the cost, I'm thinking about the electromagnetic properties of rooms encased in spun gold?


Faraday cage anyone? Shielding Electromagnetic waves? 

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Interesting... But wouldn't a Faraday cage have to eliminate ALL holes or gaps? The ceiling would have to be covered in the wallpaper too. And the floor would have to have some mesh underlay below the carpet.

Not sure how they'd deal with doors and windows.

The seal would have to be extremely tight-fitting or any slight gap would cancel the effect of the "cage" (re: doors)

Plus, don't know if they have fireplaces in  said rooms. Old buildings like that often have them.

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