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So I have never interested in 6D (numbers and geometry) before but things have changed lately as I have been directed to learn about the hidden encoded codes.

I had this sudden thought.... what if every geometry represented gods, angels and the likes.

After all, 6-pointed star or Merkabah or flower of life are considered as sigil of A.A Metatron/Thoth/Enoch and muslims go around the black cube which is supposed to be Allah.

Then I had this realisation...well for me anyway, people go around the black cube in anti-clockwise. Do you know why? They don't go around in clockwise direction and there is a reason for that. The counterclockwise direction, so that the god, Allah takes it.  We all need energy to survive whichever dimension we exists. Having said this, I don't think that Allah is the ultimate god though.


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