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2018 Flu Jab - the touch-paper to Covid-911?

Mab O Myrddin

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Evening All,

  The last vacination I received was the 2018 Flu jab. I had not had one for a year or two previously and thought I was "overdue" a top up! (Doh!)


  No issues in 2018 and the early part of 2019. However the December of 2019 and early January of 2020 were tough. The worst Flu in 20years (Year 2000 Flu was bad for me too). Whole family hit - wife, son and mother - almost cancelled Xmas (wished we had in retrospect!)


  Now, imagine my surprise when I heard about a US Military Medical report that identfied the 2018 Flu jab as being an active detrimental participant in the 2019 Flu outbreak. Understanding "the plan", it does surprise me that no-one is looking at the 2018 Flu jab or the subsequent US Military Team performance at the World Military Games in Wuhan (!!) in October 2019. The best trained and equipped military in the world placed 37th between Namibia and Finland. Really!!!!!! No further investigation necessary!! 


  All planned, well in advance. Why would 2018 have been any dfferent?


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