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A.I. Evasion and Long Term Survival


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I have been a prepper the past 15 years and along the way have problem-solved difficult realities of being chased by the A.I. Nazi-like Regimes, aka the NWO.


I have devised a few tricks and tips of evasion and developed long term strategies for survival. (There are secrets I cannot divulge as the internet knows all.  I will let you know what cannot be discussed by providing the best information I can for the topic at hand)


The number one thing the NWO uses against you is FEAR.  Making themselves look much bigger than they really are.  It is meant to paralyze you.  In the early days of the coming WAR they will push FEAR like no other to paralyze your plans.  Ignore that propaganda.  Immediate steps you should take;


- Destroy all electronic devices that can be tracked.  

- Activate your personal bug out plan.

- Practice Anti-Modus Operandi -  Crucial.  A.I. depends upon your habits to track you.  Throw away ALL habits and live a non-repetitive life.  NEVER REPEAT YOURSELF.  If you NEVER REPEAT then you can NEVER BE TRACKED.  (This is the weakness of A.I.)

- "The best laid plans of mice and men can still go wrong."   True for them, and true for you.  Think on your feet, be willing to change your survival plan at any moment.  


I will be posting my INCH bag on this thread at a later date.  




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