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I used to do this as a kid, it took months of practice but I got there in the end. The concept is taken from a book called 'Mind Motors You Can Build' written by a NASA astronaut back in the 1970's, don't know / can't remember which one. I just used plain paper balancing on a needle stuck in a cork. I could make it turn both ways but one way was rather weak. In the end I housed it under a glass bowl and put it on my shelf, I could make it move (slowly) from the other side of the room.


Anyone else seen this or can do it?




Here's a vid of it in action. NBoits not thermal currents, I know he's using foil and keeps his hand close but trust me it works with paper and after a while you can move your hands away.



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It took weeks of practice to do this, I used to come home from school and the first thing I did was spend 30-40 mins staring at this thing, willing it to move, visualizing it moving. I don't know how but after weeks of trying I guess my brain worked it out because the paper started moving, very slowly. Once you got it to move one way, try moving it in the opposite direction. So will it to stop, then spin in the other direction. Will it, visualize it. I could do it but only very slowly in the opposite direction for a few turns.

When starting out you have to regulate your breathing so your not breathing on the paper and get a false result, I used to look up or look away for a moment to take a deep breath then look back at it and slow my breathing down.


After a while, when you can do it on demand you move your hands away, just a little bit, then practice again, then move your hands further away. Then move yourself away from it, practice again. Then move the contraption to the other side of your room, put it on a shelf or table and practice from a distance. I ended up covering mine with a glass cooking bowl on my shelf and I could do it at will when I walked in my room.


If you can make the thing turn at will, then stop and go the other way then come to rest, you know it must be you doing it, acting forces, equal and opposite reaction its Physics, the thing won't move unless something acts on it, people think it could be draught, breath, thermal currents (if your hands are close) but to then stop it and make it go the other way, that proves without a doubt it is occurring due to the action and will of the persons mind and not due to an external force, otherwise how would you reverse that external force to cause it to go the other way?


For me I couldn't think of any use for it, it was to weak to influence a Roulette wheel or reels on a fruit machine etc. I looked at Randi's challenge for a million bucks but they were in America, I was in a council flat in England, from what I could find out, they didn't normally just accept the demonstration as the Psychic presented it but would put all manner of conditions on the experiment and this may have affected ability, then there's the whole using the gift for material gain - it might not work, finally it wasn't a permanent long running challenge, i.e it wasn't always open, it depended on him having a financial backer prepared to actually put up the million dollars and he didn't always have backers so you couldn't just contact him, offer the proof and expect the reward. It just didn't work like that, in my opinion his challenge was a bit of a scam to support 'science' and rational thought.


Anyway, I got into my teens, found raving and drugs and stopped practicing and lost the ability to do it. But that doesn't matter to me, because - I know. Thats enough for me, I know it is possible, I know there is a supernatural aspect to our existence, I know the mind is an amazing thing. I know, because I've done it myself.


I did demonstrate it to my friends but as I've always been into Magic as in stage/card magic I think they just thought I was tricking them somehow. But I wasn't, and I still do card magic so I can happily say I know the difference between fake magic and real magic. 

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7 hours ago, Fluke said:

@pi3141i used to do the exact same thing when i got back from school. If i remember correctly i was reading a book by joshua warren "how to hunt ghosts". 


Did you ever manage to move anything else? Pen roll etc. Cigarettes seem light.


Hi Fluke, the book I got it out of was a 'How To Develop Psychic Awarmess' or similar and quoted the original book by the NASA guy.


Never attempted anything else from what I remember. Wish I'd kept it up but I was a teenager with hormones and my interests shifted to girls and I stopped practicing. At some point I lost the ability, I remember trying to show someone and I couldn't do it.

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The Randi challenge - 


The official challenge rules stipulated that the participant must agree, in writing, to the conditions and criteria of their test. Claims that cannot be tested experimentally are not eligible for the Challenge.


Link - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Million_Dollar_Paranormal_Challenge


And anyone who doesn't agree to their terms is automatically a fake.

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They are doing this using tech but we can do this....as OP has done.


Moving an object with your thoughts.





And in case if you want to reactivate your 'junk' DNA....



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