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The Truth on UFO's & Aliens. 18+


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I hope everyone who clicked is doing alright this is some heavy information to process which Is truly disturbing. I have also just come across someone's testimony exposing the Hollywood elite only confirming information from the orion lines sites but I would suggest everyone to visit the website and digest that information before I provide more evidence supporting this claim. If you have any questions feel free to ask I will answer the best I can

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That's an excellent link Mk .... Lot's of the basic info there that should be on our minds if we weren't all distracted with covid non nonsense


Millions of children kept in DUMBs for adrenal chrome harvesting  , and to be eaten by the Reps ..


I watched part of the first video , ancient skeletons of Greys and hybrid cone heads .... Sure , it's well understood the Annunaki (main ET rulers here) created all sorts of Annu/humam hybrid hybrids long ago ...  giants and cone heads to rule over us .. to help the Annu to control us , their slaves...


David should know this already , he does part of it , but is muddled and unclear on the alien question. 

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TLDR for anyone that values their time:


Q well poisoner says WW2 was about adrenochrome harvesting and not smashing European nationalism so it shall never be tried again. Q-tard thinks national socialists wouldn't be kicking down peados doors. Q-tard has no idea what was going on in those camps and will exploit your ignorance on the subject.


What people need young blood? What people have high rates of Tay Sachs? I don't think it's those Germans.

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