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Annihilation Rebellion

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Introducing a new cause: Annihilation Rebellion. 
Hi my name is <Redacted by moderator, sorry personally defining details are not allowed on the open forum>. I'm from Brighton. I incurred a problem of the “spiritualist” nature - not exactly spiritual more like of actual “spiritualism” where I’ve invited contact from the other side, something answered and wouldn’t go away. This happened to me in the months after graduating from the University of Warwick in 1999. I feature in the 2004 BBC documentary “Mediums talking to the dead part 2”. 
When these “spiritualist” problems hit “demonic” factors you’re in deeper trouble but learn of a few things such of which I am writing about. 
I have compiled the following text and story about a cause long overdue in the history of mankind and in terms of the millennium a cause with a future. The knowledge of these things I’m sharing as described are common to Christianity and in this day and age are part of the realm of intelligence communities. 
Rome still teaches about a power of the air and of that modernity knows the factor of something alien concerning Ephesians 6:12 a principality or power of the air. That which was called the demonic is more knowably a dwelling with residences. A rulership of earth operating the world cradle to grave. 
The idea is to dethrone this global principality. Something enabled by public disclosure of et contact with governments. An unprecedented moment for mankind and earth. 
"Annihilation rebellion" is the cause. Like the vibe of extinction rebellion but with the specific cause of mankind against the alien in a traditional sense - a cause which could be a life changer for the planet. 
Please view a rough draft below under the banner Annihilation Rebellion. I have been in contact with Peter Kyle my local mp - in Hove, East Sussex - who declined to support my request to bring the idea of disclosure to parliament and the PM - and online (with the detail of a probable terrorism at work) the police as well who have not replied with an update. I have also sent the cause to cultural commentators in the U.K such as Germaine Greer. So far no takers. 
Should you wish confirmation of the details shared please contact Father Jeremy Davies exorcist priest who is based in Luton at Our Lady help of Christians Catholic Church. His understanding of Ephesians is based in Christian perspective, so not on the par of postmodern nous. Elsewhere if you Google Ephesians it is common to Christianity on the Web. 
Annihilation Rebellion 
As a new cause for political leaders to address, “Annihilation Rebellion” it is about how public disclosure of government (chiefly u.s) contact with ets could dethrone an alien “principality”. Globally a “power of the air”. 
From Christian heritage of The Devil business king of “the world” itself, in modern times knowledge of something alien. A dwelling with residences. 
The dethroning of the principality is the cause. Its “power of the air” in modern times operating a “cradle to grave” rulership. A kingdom of the air in terms post Christian heritage of “spirits” or angels and modernly hip as a sixth sense totality. A flesh eating dinosaur possibly zombie and definitely vampire. 
The many testimonies of whistleblowers online such as Bob Lazar and Bernard Mendez going back decades tell a flat admission of contact with ets. 
Fancy joining this campaign of annihilation rebellion? Get the P.M to address Britain’s concern over the testimonies. 
The Christian heritage of this kingdom modernly relates a tradition of murder and terrorism in the devil. 
Save Earth from its clutches. Dethrone the principality globally. Annihilation Rebellion. 
Powers that be whether creator or indeed non-creator- massive earth and world fall out formerly. And annihilation disaster latterly. 
Dethronement of the principality essential, securing a stop of its human rights breaches crucial. 
Public disclosure, global dethronement. 
Footnote re public disclosure enabling global dethronement: how public disclosure works the dethronement. 
I haven't yet found anyone who has taken up the challenge. The thing is to make the scandal of testimonies - if not the existence of the power of the air - public. Once might turn the trick but fully would succeed. It’s a case of whichever you can pull. But how does info like that make itself public? Anybody might suggest via the newspapers starting for example with The Argus here in Brighton. Raising money, publishing details, liaising with political leaders- there are a number of ways to progress the cause. Each time the story (of et contact or the rulership) is made public dissolves the principality's power. Full glory such as hitting front page would be the ultimate nail in the coffin. And in the light of disparity of news and the public sphere in this day and age, any breakthrough could start the magic of dethronement where dominions galore in different realms phase out unto the day of complete dethronement globally. 
A start could be opening a shop selling NWO badges. God's kingdom on earth (a mockery of Christian tradition which the principality have made) being the selfsame "prison planet" - with its states and nations - of an original "new world order" concept belonging genre wise to the multi and varied subculture of this eponymous power of the air and its rulership. 
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I wouldn't advise too much outward action , Ben , until you get a clearer picture of what's going on ... all institutions are in the grip of the  malevolent spirits in conjunction with the ET's who they possess and work with ... And the public are mind controlled to believe none of it ...


This source explains it all    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos

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