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Looks like nobody is safe from China

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So apparently John Cena was promoting the Fast and the Furious 9 movie, F9, and referred to Taiwan as a country. He then had to do an apology in Mandarin saying he was wrong and he respects and loves China and it's people and that he made a mistake calling Taiwan a country.


So, how far is this going to go? Are we going to require children across the globe to learn Mandarin and/or Cantonese in school along with or in place of English? This is ridiculous that someone has to apologize for this crap, even when just promoting a movie because they're afraid they won't get those Chinese Yen at the box office.

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16 minutes ago, ManOfOdin said:

Yeah China is really a big problem. 


Do you remember when it wasn't? When all these guys had were bycycles.


The 'you know who's' have deliberately made China into a problem in order to threaten the peace of the West.


All of these countries, India, China, there was no-need to let them have nuclear weapons....why couldn't we have just left them to pursue their own trend.... because 'we' do not control the world, 'they' do. And they spend all of their time creating and building up new threats to continually assail us meanwhile the Earth is being burnt up like a fire-lighter to fuel this single minded agenda against white western civilisation.


What is happening now is just proof of why China was not meant to develop the way it has been. 


God had a plan, and you can see that when you observe the different countries and what they have achieved through history, and how some countries, like China, were just better left on bicycles.


Now the world has been plunged into chaos and we know who is to blame.





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China and the US are imperialist powers. I have friends from China and Russia who tell me it is not as bad as the US Media tells me, however they admit that the US was not as bad as RT, Pravda, and the Chinese News made it out to be too.


The world is bigger and more complex then Us vs Them.

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