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Is Boris Johnson (and other leaders) Hypnotised?


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I mean, all those psychologists on the SAGE panel - almost every psychologist is trained in hypnotism for use in therapies. All of them would have at least a minimal grasp of it, I'm guessing SAGE will be full of Occult / Mason types so that would up the likelihood of skulduggery. Also, thinking back to when Bojo was in the hospital, it all looked like a very Derren Brown-ish setup - those styles of deep manipulation really require a closed setting, full cointrol of the enviroment, so that hospital setting would have been ideal to fuck with him. And at the time I remember an interview with the 2 nurses that cared for him, two Australian nurses, I thought that was really odd, both of them being Australians, and Australia is big centre of the occult as many of you will know.


Apart from that tere is the general mass hysteria that half the world is caught up in, the normies and MSM watchers anyway, All the government ministers (our supposed representatives) will be caught up in this hysteria too.


I think that this is more likely than Bojo actually being 'in the know' as to what is going on, he's more likely to have a handler in the shadows that knows a bit more of the scam


Whadya think? Is Bojo a villain or a victimm in this?

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Your on the right track Kirito ... This is the main area of focus for the controllers , but things have moved along much much further from what we call hypnotism...


But even hypnotists  have been demonstrating for  100's of years that they can put someone under , get them to perform all sorts of things , and when they awake they will have no knowledge of what has happened . But they can only do this for the most suggestable few % of the population  ...


We know very well the CIA specialized in trauma based mind control , from the 1940's onwards ... Extreme torture fragments the mind , and they use these victims to carry out assassinations and also for "presidential model sex slaves" ... Presidents and other Illuminati use these sex slaves confident that they will have no memory , so cannot tell tales ... In rare cases memory does come back decades later (see the story of Cathy O'Brian) ... Fritz Springmier documented it well in this book published 30 years ago  ..




 The ET's who control things here have vastly superior techniques which they don't tell the CIA about ..


They genetically tampered with us thousands of years ago , one of the alterations they made was to split our mind into conscious and unconscious ... The result is the greater portion of our mind we have no conscious knowledge of, or control of , but it effects our thoughts  decisions and actions  just the same ( as Freud documented) .... 


ET psychics can target and influence the subconscious mind of anyone ...Boris ... they can get him to trust his advisors , that he must lock down to save people , etc. .. So Boris is almost certainly a victim....


The advent of 3/4/5G  allowed the ET's to extend mind control in an automated way to the whole population ( much less labor intensive for them than doing it themselves on a one to one basis)   ... So nano chips have been put in our food , we ingest them and once  in our body they decode 3/4/5G signals into a form that reaches our subconscious mind . We are all subject to this , but it's not 100% effective , so politicians will also get personal treatment...


Word is the, covid vaccine will give us an extra dose of these chips , and with the spread of 5G  (particularly from Musk's satellites) this will increase the power of MK  all are under .  


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