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After the protest at the weekend (todays date 24th May )


I am driving around the country going into Police Stations  and basically calling them out. I need the latest chart on Deaths and Pre existing conditions by age. Its been put up here....and if possible a step by step way of doing it so i can regularly update it. 


Its going to be hard but i feel like this is something i need to do. Il be towing the covid line tho. i will not say it doesnt exist....


im basically going to use the MHRA yellow card data against the age group. 


''COVID'' is age discriminate but MRNA vax is not. and basically say we can not do this to the kids, obviously with a bit more gusto.im going everywhere from north to south. Also going to say the we can not let the vax passport happen, because no body should have this power..human are too corruptible. Again with abit more emphasis than that. so any examples of lobbying MPS to do corrupt things i may use.


Please help if you can. i dont need anybody saying stupid idea.....i know it is...but the way i see it wev got a few month to save as many kids as possible, so im gunna try n create some ripples regardless of consequence to myself. if i get arrested, i will literally spend a night in the cells, get out in the morning and drive to the next station on my list....


wish me luck n please help

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Bestv of luck mate. It would maybe be an idea not to be confrontational. Remain calm, they have the means (probably) to fuck you over with mental health stuff if you lose your cool. Know your rights. Theres a few guys on youtube that go around police stations kinda winding cops up, but doing it in a funny way that shows how retarded the law is, and to show that the guy knows his rights, Cop: "Whats your name sir?" Youtubeguy: "Do I have to tell you my name?" that kinda thing, you probably want to prepare yourself before your interesting project, and oh, film it and put it on youtube.


Edit, I found the youtube guy from the david icke headlines page, theres probably someone here will know the name of the youtube channel

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19 minutes ago, GOYK said:

this is the chart im after...n how to get it




You're looking for the chart in here:




The weekly announced file is updated on a weekly basis and contains information on the deaths of patients who have died in hospitals in England and tested positive for COVID-19. This file contains breakdowns by ethnicity, gender and age group, presence of a pre-existing condition and age group, and certain pre-existing conditions.

COVID 19 total announced deaths 20 May 2021 – weekly file



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