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BLM leader shot in the head at party


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On 5/26/2021 at 3:59 PM, Truthspoon said:


Yep, this is the angle that caught my eye.


I've always said that black gangs basically serve the Freemasons. I've made posts about how black and Latino gangs all have Masonic symbolism, and there was an eternal thread call Masonic G Unit on the old Icke Forum which detailed all the Masonic connections to the black rap industry.

Anyway, I think the angle is that she had probably been making the wrong noises regarding supporting Palestinians... 


And there's probably one thing "they" hate more than white people and that's black people who support Palestine.


Obviously I don't know, but to a conspiratorial mind her support of Palestine would be something for which she might have outlived her usefulness.



Not an expert on Black music, but I think they have a fair amount of pyramids and all seeing eyes as part of their fashion. Combined with the 'bling' aspect they all look like poor kids envying the rich, they do not see the 'elites' as something that needs to be changed to bring about a fairer world, they see the 'elites' as something they want to join. That is the general picture but there are a few that seem to be redpilled, KRS1 and so on, but they are by far in the minority.


I'm sure someone could do a graph of how the BBC and all the UK versions of Yahoonews and so on had UKBLM in the news every day following George Floyd's death, then she/UKBLM tweeted that they 'Stand with Palestine' and coverage stopped, exactly like they been 'cancelled'. A graph showing the news coverage and the Palestine tweets would show a direct correspondance.

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On 5/25/2021 at 3:11 AM, Truthspoon said:

Whatever way they'll spin it'll be white man's fault.


They've always been trying to make out that there wouldn't be any black gangs if it wasn't for horrible rich white men and their lust for cocaine.


As if Black people have no will or volition of their own and everything they do is somehow connected to white people.


It's just weird. People have lost their minds.


Just sit back, stay out of their reach and watch them fuck each other up.


Everyone seems to be determined to destroy each other for some reason.


I think because society and politics has become overly feminised. Logic and reason is no longer relevant.


Toxic femininity rules now, this woman is a classic example.

I'm trying to decide whether to pray for her to survive or not but my heart's just not in it.


If she survived wouldn't it be nice to think she would become enlightened to the obvious fact that the most dangerous people to black people are other blacks and dedicated her life to ending black on black violence.


I don't think that would happen though. 


People like this are beyond hope and will never wake up to reality.  Even a near death experience can't conquer the striding ego of a mad black woman rampant. They're just children enjoying their tantrum and someone with large pockets is making these lunatics important people in our falling world.






After seeing those headlines a rather cynical person that just shakes his or her head at the direction society is moving these days just might think   ,wow talk about dedication taking one for the team and all

( we love what your doing Brian ,the People's Front of Judea will never forget you)

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