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His Wikipedia page describes him as an "anti trangender activist" whereas he maintains that he is for women's rights. He was recently cancelled from an event at Edinburgh fringe Festival this summer. 


I did find the womens rights argument quite confusing at first (it sort of presented as not a huge thing that people need to be worrying about?) but he articulates the point quite well within this article. 


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I heard this question on GB News to Louise Distras


"Why has this taken hold in the music industry?"


Louise's reply ended with;


"I think we should let it die and let all the cowards go down with the ship, build a new industry ..."


I looked her up, and found a bit of a hornets nest 😃


"Your position will have further detrimental effects on your musical career if you continue to deny transgender women are women and transgender are men"



In an interview with Vocal Media, Distras criticised Ireland's new hate speech laws, saying "We should all be able to speak without being policed and told what we can and can't say about our own lives."


Alongside five other women, Distras featured in a Daily Mail article about the experiences of ordinary women being ostracised from their jobs for questioning gender ideology.


In an interview with writer Julie Bindel for UnHerd about misogyny in the music industry, Distras said that "the music industry used to be about freedom of expression and freedom of speech", and there was "an urgent need to build a new one with a proper counterculture, where women have actually got a proper say".

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