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On 8/27/2022 at 9:29 PM, alexa said:

 Meet the world's youngest transgender model: Born to a mother who is now male, Noella, 10, 'became a girl' aged four and is now tipped to make MILLIONS of dollars on the catwalk. But the father who raised questions has been airbrushed from her life

Young model Noella McMaher, 10, first identified as transgender at 'two-and-a-half nearing three', according to her biological mother Dee, 35, in an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, Noella 'socially transitioned' at four and the family changed her legal birth certificate from 'boy' to 'girl' when she was six. She hit the headlines in America last week when she became the youngest transgender model to walk the runway at a fashion show in New York. Now, she is being bombarded with modelling offers and will walk the catwalk at Paris fashion week this year. Noella lives with Dee, who now identifies as a 'trans masculine male' and has been married to Ray - a 32-year-old biological female who has also identified as transgender since 2019.



At the age of three, I wanted to be Winnie the Pooh (true story). What kind of parent makes a huuuuge life changing decision based on the wishes of a three year old!?! More importantly, what kind of medical professionals go along with this crackpot idea!?! 


Are people just trying to out do each other, at this point? For those keeping score; this is a pair of lesbians who now live as men...the very thing lesbians hate...and her son is now living as a girl and works in the fashion industry...an industry which contributes to the objectification of women, exploits and abuses young models and is ripe with drug abuse...at the age of ten years old. Still, I have to get a license if I want to go fishing, here in America. That's right, if I plop my pole in a lake without having a fishing licence, I could get fined, even arrested. 

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21 minutes ago, KingKitty said:

At the age of three, I wanted to be Winnie the Pooh (true story). What kind of parent makes a huuuuge life changing decision based on the wishes of a three year old!?! More importantly, what kind of medical professionals go along with this crackpot idea!?! 


Are people just trying to out do each other, at this point? For those keeping score; this is a pair of lesbians who now live as men...the very thing lesbians hate...and her son is now living as a girl and works in the fashion industry...an industry which contributes to the objectification of women, exploits and abuses young models and is ripe with drug abuse...at the age of ten years old. Still, I have to get a license if I want to go fishing, here in America. That's right, if I plop my pole in a lake without having a fishing licence, I could get fined, even arrested. 


I know, we live in a mixed up, puddled up world now & it's going to get worse.



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I have been reading David's most recent book, 'The Trap', and he expands upon his theme that he believes that the Transgender agenda is intended to steer humans towards a place of androgyny. I am not sure I agree with him


I recently met a transgender person at a art class I go to and they began talking to me about a few things. This person was "female to male"; the less common kind. I will say "she" because that was the 'vibe' I got. She has said quite a few things about her transition which were quite telling. I could not help but notice that she had very large feet for a woman, size 10.5. I happened to comment that I like to wear walking boots a lot because of how comfortable they are and it became clear that she had experienced genuine discomfort in the face of being a female with large feet and declared that it was "impossible" to find women's shoes in such a large size. She was a little taller than average and had average sized breasts, and a fairly androgynous face.  It was clear from what she was saying that the way she felt about her body had in large part motivated her decision to "transition". If you look at the actual logic here it is quite interesting. 


It goes: I am not conventionally feminine looking, therefore... I should take dangerous synthetic testosterone, have my breasts cut off and probably be sterilized too. This is literally the logic. She spoke about highly stereotyped male behaviours like growing facial hair, behaving in macho ways etc. She was clearly someone whom had culturally absorbed many of the culturally prescribed ideas about gender from the habitus into which she was born.


But isn't this something that a lot of transgender people actually have in common with the rest of the population? Many of the adults doing this see themselves as somehow inadequate or flawed as the gender they are and this is what motivates them to try and be the opposite.


My point is, maybe if we had a society which loosened up it's very rigid beliefs about masculinity and femininity we wouldn't have scenarios in which an otherwise healthy woman seeks out mutilating surgeries because she happens to have large feet. I am not suggesting that having large feet was her only motivation but she did generally seem to be of the general view that not looking like Nefertiti must somehow be overwhelming evidence that she was "meant" to be a man. 


I wonder what percentage of Transgender adults this dynamic applies to?

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What is enculturation and why does it matter?


An article in the Scottish Daily Mail today has revealed that there are children as young as eight being treated at a controversial “Gender Identity Clinic” in Glasgow. Figures apparently show that in the space of only one year there have been more that 300 self-referrals and also hundreds of GP referrals.


There are concerns about this in the aftermath of children attending England’s Tavistock Clinic being “rushed into” taking puberty-blocking drugs.


I have no idea for a fact whether children are definitely being given these drugs, or whether children are being allowed access to body-altering surgeries, but there would seem to be substantial enough evidence to suggest that, at the very least, the mainstream media and the education system both are placing enough of a spotlight on the issue of transgenderism for children in our society to be well and truly au fait with the subject by this point in time. Our education system is now actively seeking to fill children’s heads with information about these concepts, even at ages when they will simply lack the intellect or insight necessary to understand the topic properly.


Which brings me to an aspect of this which nobody is talking about, and which very few people, even those whom oppose the cultural brainwashing of children, understand or have an insight into.


I am talking about “enculturation”.


Enculturation is a sociology term defined as “the gradual acquisition of the characteristics and norms of a culture or group by a person, another culture etc”.


I have a understanding of how the phenomena of so-called “Trans kids” was happening for years before I finally stumbled across this term, quite by accident. I will now briefly explain how this process works relative to “Trans” children, in order to enhance understanding of the overall bigger picture, which, I am sorry to say, is so much more horrifying than people realize.


Children are savants of enculturation for one very simple reason, and this is that they are in the “Theta” brainwave state for the entirety of their childhood. The Theta brainwave state is, as I understand it, a largely unconscious brainwave state which facilitates rapid learning. It is why children’s capacity to learn new things, even complex things like languages, is vastly superior in children than in adults. Many children become effortlessly bilingual as a result of the Theta brainwave state, so in many respects it is a gift of nature, but it can be a double-edged sword, as I will now explain.


The “learning” of a culture also occurs via the Theta brainwave state when, between birth and adolescence, the child is learning more or less all day, and then integrates that learning during the sleep state. Children “learn” a culture, both through the modelling of adult behaviours, through observing cultural and familial norms, through the influence of mass media, and through the teaching methods of the education system which are more analogous to brainwashing. Children also learn a culture through the socialization process, in which their parents use positive and negative reinforcement to reward some behaviours whilst discouraging or punishing others. The fact that most parents will condition their political beliefs into their children goes without saying.


How this relates to a rise in the number of so-called Transgender children is that a growing number of children are basically attuning to this particular aspect of Western “culture” which has, over the last decade, been forcibly implanted into the Zeitgeist via the education system and cultural conditioning. Children are paradoxical. They can be geniuses in some respects and, I’m sorry to say, very unsophisticated in certain other respects.


When a child perceives themselves as “Trans” what has occurred is that they have subconsciously attuned to the Zeitgeist. They have attuned to the group known as “Trans” people are are now unconsciously adopting the beliefs and values of this group. The tragedy of this is that the child will not perceive any of this process and will believe that they genuinely are “trapped in the wrong body” and will also respond with rage or despair when someone like myself tries to speak out against surgeries or puberty-blockers. They will perceive they are being abused.


Those whom have orchestrated this terrible psy-op, this so-called elite who truly run the world, are experts in human psychology and are always about ten steps ahead of the rest of us. They will know that the longer they keep Transgenderism in the Zeitgeist the more children will attune to this mostly socially constructed perception of “gender dysphoria”. They know this will continue to happen, it is a part of their plan and that is why they wish to keep this issue in the mainstream media, and why they also want to use both the education and medical systems to promote the ideology of so-called gender dysphoria, which, for the vast majority of cases is either a fiction, or could be compassionately addressed via psychology services - something nobody is even allowed to suggest any more.


Enculturation is a sophisticated but also potentially very destructive process and has multiple expressions in our society. It is actually a process which is designed to enhance survival through facilitating connection and the creation of an in-group, which on the surface make it a really valuable process. A person adopts the characteristics of, and attunes to, not just the wider culture but also their own immediate family. This is great if a person grows up in both a positive, balanced, sensible, pragmatic, compassionate and highly-evolved culture and family, but if neither is the case, the person will find themselves attuning instead to toxicity, destructive behaviour and values, dishonesty, suppression, manipulation, denial, abuse and harm. This is the case where so-called “Trans kids” are concerned. They attune firstly to a toxic society which tells people that surgeries are a quick fix solution to deep-seated self-esteem or identity issues, both real and imaginary, but are then failed by idiot parents whom enable their children to seek surgeries they are going to end up bitterly regretting somewhere further down the line. In the case of these children, their in-built tendency to adopt the characteristics of the wider culture into which they are born is going to work against them and in fact, is going to create a wave of suffering so extreme it is going to create powerful shock-waves throughout humanity for generations to come if we don’t manage to stamp out this fire.


I predict that within the next twenty to thirty years, maybe slightly longer, the current generation of “Trans kids” will experience severe mental health problems, probably to the point of suicidality when they have to live with the inevitable fallout of their self-rejection and the gravity of what they have done to their bodies, and what society/their idiot parents have allowed them to do to their bodies. They are going to want to kill themselves, in some cases. They are already people whom have had these surgeries who are speaking out against allowing children anywhere near any of this.


As far as the issue of allowing children access to surgeries or puberty blockers are concerned, it is the moral responsibility of anyone who can see this to speak out against this happening. I don’t believe it is super common so far, but it definitely appears as though we are headed in that direction, so I intend to speak out against this wherever and whenever it is appropriate to do so, and always with the utmost of compassion towards the children themselves who are pawns in a game they don’t even know they are a part of.


As far as the adults whom attune to this culture are concerned, I will spend far less time trying to educate them because they are, for the most part, zombies. That may sound unkind, but nobody else can raise their awareness - only they can do that.

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Either it's because theres an agenda to push the creation of them through various programming and mind control, or the human race is getting crazier and crazier, and the mentally ill are not being treated. Ie the lunatics are running the asylum. Transgender unless they are a born at birth dualsex being, means severely mentally ill. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness. Not a lifestyle choice

or both those options in some combined sense, because TBTB dont care if people are crazy as long as they dont get what's really being done on earth

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Teacher who refused to use student’s pronouns jailed after returning to school

Enoch Burke, an evangelical Christian, refused to use a student’s preferred pronouns


Holly Bancroft
1 day ago


A teacher has been jailed for refusing to stay away from his school after they suspended him when he refused to call a pupil “they”.


Enoch Burke, an evangelical Christian, was put on a paid suspension by Wilson’s Hospital School in County Westmeath, Ireland after he refused to use a student’s preferred pronouns.


He broke a court order, which compelled him to not go to or try to teach at the school.


Mr Burke went to the school anyway and sat in an empty classroom and declared he was there to work.


Justice Michael Quinn jailed the school teacher for contempt of court, an indefinite prison term which can only be ended if Mr Burke agrees to submit himself to the terms of the injunction.


In passing the sentence, Justice Quinn said he was only ruling on whether there had been a wilful breach of the court order and not on Mr Burke’s beliefs.

The court order was put in place to prevent disruption at the school at the start of the new term.

Mr Burke was arrested on Monday morning at the school by police before the court hearing.


He told the judge that he loved his school “but I am here today because I said I would not call a boy a girl.”


He continued: “Trangenderism is against my Christian belief. It is contrary to the scriptures, contrary to the ethos of the Church of Ireland and of my school.


“It is insanity that I will be led from this courtroom to a place of incarceration, but I will not give up my Christian beliefs.”


Lawyers from the school said they did not want to see Mr Burke, a history and german teacher, jailed but that they had taken action as a last resort.


The court heard that Mr Burke had breached the terms of both his paid suspension and the temporary injuction by turning up to school and sitting in an empty classroom.


The injuction will be reviewed in a further court hearing on Wednesday.


Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/teacher-jailed-school-suspension-pronouns-b2160904.html?amp




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Men's and woman's brains are fundamentally different.



Although the male brain is 10 percent larger than the female brain, it does not impact intelligence. ..... One area in which they do differ is the inferior-parietal lobule, which tends to be larger in men. This part of the brain is linked with mathematical problems, estimating time and judging speed. 

Grey Matter Matters

There is evidence that women have more grey matter in their brains. Grey matter contains cell bodies that help our bodies process information in the brain and is located with regions of the brain that are involved with muscle control and sensory perception. That said, women have been found to use more white matter, which connects processing centers, while men use more grey matter. This could explain why men tend to excel at task-focused projects, while women are more likely to excel at language and multitasking.

Brain Chemistry

In studies examining connections within the brain, it has been found that women tend to have stronger connections side to side, which could lead to better intuitive thinking, analyzing, and drawing of conclusions. Men, on the other hand, tend to have stronger connections from front to back, which can result in heightened perception and stronger motor skills.

Recent studies have also suggested that the cerebellum, historically thought only to be involved in the coordination of movement, may be slightly different between the sexes and actually have an effect on behavior and thinking as well.

In addition to brain-processing patterns, men and women have different brain chemistry. While both process the same neurochemicals, they process them differently. For example, serotonin (which is connected to happiness and depression) does not process the same in women. This could help explain why women are more susceptible to anxiety and depression.

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