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New World Economic Forum Event Suggests Massive Crime Wave "Purge" Event To Hit USA Soon (est. July 2021)


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The NWO telegraphed the covid pandemic through Bill Gates presenting Event 201.  We are seeing the World Economic Forum again telegraphing another massive attack in the USA in the form of Event "Cyber Polygon." This one discusses how "hackers" will release a system-wide virus and WEF will have to shut down then entire internet system to prevent damage. Imagine if they gave advance notice to BLM-Antifa and Palestinian US domestic terrorists, weapons and hit lists of high value targets with their addresses (public resister figures and local resistance leaders).  I expect it to look like the Purge movies except these terrorists will be the attackers instead of the right wingers portrayed in the movies.  I expect there will be no way to call for police (all calls are VOIP) so people must be able to defend themselves or could die.  Expect a week of major havoc in the USA in July or sooner.  Radio networks with backup generators and organized armed citizen watches should mitigate a lot of damage.  Android cell phones have FM radios built in. Find a good app and get police info in advance.

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