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Who the F*ck are this sage panel anyway?


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18 hours ago, Kirito said:

Is it true there are more psychologists on there than epidemiologists?

Nothing new. In the computer world, they brought in ITIL. No one allowed to do anything until approved by the ITIL board. Where I was working in a Hospital;, a server crashed (we were updating all the server software). I wasn't allowed to reboot the server until the "Board" gave permission. An entire department of the hospital was down for FOUR days until the "Board" met again. 


There wasn't a single person on the "Board" who knew anything about computer software other than to work on their PC. It's probably still the same. I left the industry and retired, fuck 'em.

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6 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:




lol I ain't clickin dat shet


18 hours ago, jeffvickers said:

The "science" gets selectly picked from insignificant members to suit the narrative 


I heard today that there wasn't (isn't?) a single epidemiologist on sage. Not one single disease expert. All of the UK premier disease experts are busy having their youtube and twitter accounts banned for contradicting governments covid advice

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