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Eurovision - keep an eye open for hidden symbols

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39 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

just hearing graham norton causes sickness


I feel that he is definitely related to the PTB in some way. I can take him for a few minutes, then he totally does my nut.

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Posted (edited)

I am watching with my ears only, therefore symbolism is largely unknown to my visual cortex.. 😘  Much rather on my mind is are eurovision hosts and representives always tanking up on high energy drinks, this has always been my thought.  ;D


Maybe some green tea would do them good. (a lot better for voice I would suppose, and even better also the pine needle tea idea as I learnt today from a kindly obliging member here,

for helping protect us from vaxer shedding so it is hoped) 

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Saw lots of meteors and fire and destruction as is the norm in these events... Plus lots of lyrics gushing over Lucifer or Satan or whatever the feck they think is their leader .

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Couldn't bring myself to have it on, but tuned in when the competitors performance was done and caught a lyric from somebody caterwauling on a rooftop, about us being the heroes of today, but (something like) we're running round with demons in our minds.

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