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Food - what should I avoid?


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4 hours ago, Apotheosis said:


And slowly waste away from nutrient deficiency.


Not only do I not have a nutrient deficiency, I haven't been ill for years. People with diets like yours get ill continuously. Virtually everyone I know who is taking the Covid vaccine has a diet similar to yours, actually. Meat, dairy etc. They look like they have terrible health because they do have terrible health. 


There is a direct correlation between the reduction of animal products in my diet, and how healthy I look. Staying hydrated has helped this too.


4 hours ago, Apotheosis said:

Do eat lots of oily fish, salmon, mackerel, cod etc.


And watch the amount of mercury in your body skyrocket, before you even get to the issue of ethics.


4 hours ago, Apotheosis said:

Do eat liver regularly.


This is disgusting. Are you a Satanist?


4 hours ago, Apotheosis said:

Do eat eggs, especially raw if you can.


Leaving aside taste enjoyment, there is literally no defense for eating the menstruation of an animal which has been standing in it's own feces. I would like to make a friendly suggestion: watch the documentary 'earthlings'. It gave me the final push towards removing carcass from my diet. It shows the dregs of humanity otherwise known as slaughterhouse workers brutalizing animals in ways which sink a person into a pit of nihilism. Smashing their heads against walls, sitting on them, stomping on them... As for the hens, your so-called 'free range' hens have the space they are standing up in, usually in their own filth. Cannibalism is common. Do you defend this? If you defend any of this, do the Hare test.


4 hours ago, Apotheosis said:

Do eat raw butter.

Do drink raw milk if you can.


Shite. Neither of these has any benefit which cannot be found in any number of plant-based foods. Neither is the result of an ethical industry. You will never win any argument in which you try to defend the ethics of the animal agriculture industry and you will never win any debate in which you try to claim that a diet containing animal products is healthier than a plant-based diet - ever, so don't waste your, and my, time trying. 


I predict you will mention vitamin b12, so I'll address that next. The reason veg doesn't contain b12 is because our species has ruined the soil quality through over farming. So yes, Vegans do have to find a way to get B12, and there are any number of ways of doing so.


Only moral relativism allows a person to defend the absence of ethics in animal agriculture. It is a real-life holocaust which creates shockwaves of suffering that will echo for eons. It will take our species millions of years to undo the abysmal karma created by the animal agriculture industry and endorsement of it.


Moral relativism, including things like defending war and abortion, is common amongst those with weak minds who are easily manipulated by the PTB into believing the 'appeal to popularity' logical fallacy. I thank God right now I am not that easily duped.

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On 6/17/2021 at 10:49 AM, Truthspoon said:


I can definitely recommend a liver cleanse. Try the Hulda Clarke liver flush. 


It empties the gall-bladder which is where our body stores parasites and toxins which are removed from the liver and covered in bile.


Best thing you could ever do is a Liver Cleanse. Gall stones are made of cholesterol and removing these will lower the amount of cholesterol in your blood.


If you have any questions about it please ask.




I will second that, as I've done this many times it is wonderous for the body, clears the mental processes to I.E clarity of thinking. you do need to put plenty of good foods in first to prepare as this helps the healing. I use lemon ginger and honey adding turmeric to some meals before I under take this and if you have circularly troubles use cayenne pepper. then yes under take this liver cleanse. I also have the zapper not used it much had a guy build it for me off eBay must try find where I put that

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On 6/28/2021 at 9:42 AM, Truthspoon said:



I would go with 125ml olive oil and 125ml lemon juice. Shaken up until it becomes cloudy and homogenous. Makes up half a pint That's largely enough. I used to make a full pint but it just sits on your stomach all night and its hard to get down, I did a flush with about half a pint recently and it worked perfectly.


As for whether it's healthy.....well, it is if you want clean out your gall-bladder. I suggest you use to best quality extra virgin olive oil.


It won't do you any harm. The whole point is that you need that much oil so that you purge all the stinky nasty toxic gunk out of your gallbladder.


Someone did an analysis of gallstones and found many of them contained a parasite in the centre. In a way the body produced them the way an oyster produced pearls, to remove and neutralise something which is a toxic threat to the body. But you don't want that stuff inside you bunging you up.


Anyone suffering allergies will probably find their symptoms improved or gone entirely after a liver flush. Don't know why, just noticed it myself.









I would substitute the lemon for a red fresh grapefruit far better than the lemon which in some people can cause acid burn, the reason for the olive oil is to help lubricate the gall bladder to help remove the stones painlessly, it also has other benefits which I cannot remember off top of my head. I do have the pdf file which I cannot post up here but I can copy and paste onto this forum if you all wish if it helps someone all the better. the stomach is the central pathway to the body its here diseases start hence why Dr Clarke recommends clearing out the gut area twice a year to keep you in top condition, but you also need to change your eating habits to keep your self tip top.. your advice truthspoon is very good in my opinion

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On 6/27/2021 at 11:57 PM, Wamrage said:

Juices. Most powerful juices in general are - celery, carrot, beet, pineapple, pumpkin. Citruces are best in the morning on an empty stomache with water. Juices will do wonders for your body if your consistent.

yes add water melon too its great at clearing out toxins

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If you're going to use oils that have been taken from their source, these are among the greatest options, in my opinion. The 'issue' is that they have been disconnected from their source. We eat them and effectively miss out on all of the other vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and other benefits that come from eating an avocado whole rather than just the oil. So, the oil is fantastic in and of itself, but if you continue to consume macronutrients in this processed form, your diet will become deficient in other areas.

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Useful information from:




Top Seven Toxins and Forever Chemicals that Never Stop Harming the Human Body

#1. Deadly mRNA – vaccine-induced spike “protein” prions never stop being produced and cause vascular clots, immune system dysfunction, nervous system disorders, turbo cancer and brain damage.

#2. Mercury – a potent neurotoxin (listed in vaccines as thimerosal, which is 50% mercury).

#3. Fluoride – sodium fluoride in municipal taps (in 75 percent of US drinking water) causes calcification of the pineal gland and lowered IQ.

#4. PFAS “forever chemicals” – catapult cancer risk where human cells become deformed, multiply uncontrollably and turn and attack healthy cells.

#5. Aspartame – can cause detrimental long-term neurological effects by modulating the brain’s neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin.

#6. Microplastics – Microplastics accumulate in the brain, according to scientific research, causing detrimental neurobehavioral effects associated with dementia.

#7. Venom peptides – Many of the medications, vaccines and cosmetics that Americans blindly take, receive and have injected are poisoned with deadly reptile venoms. These are created by using the poisonous venom peptides creatures use to immobilize and kill their prey.

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