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A personal appeal


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If you are a health care worker, scientist or anyone else caught up in promoting this Covid hoax and are visiting forums because of the doubts in your minds, I appeal to you to now stand up and speak your truth. The time has come and YOU can make a huge change for humanity. It is not too late to act for the good of your fellow humans.

Please I beg you.

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I think it will get to the point where the Government can no longer deny the truth, when so many are vaccinated how are they gonna keep explaining things like this away - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-57199475


Yes, they will blame the unvaccinated kids and those who are "Vaccine Hesitant", but honestly it will get to the point where the majority will wake up and smell the stink of corruption. That's when it gets really interesting, that's when people start speaking up.

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