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A re-typed message from a post on another website which was via another social media platform. 


' You mentioned about in England, GP's are not seeing patients.   I was on a call with a senior manager who oversees GP Practises, and he informed me that GP's are not seeing patients as it all boils down to money.   He said that they are not getting paid until at least 90% of their registered patient population receives the Covid vaccine.'  


If  this is true, then isn't that another huge piece of evidence for the coming  Court cases??     What will it be described as  - 'malfeasance in public office'  -  blackmail - genocide ?      So many crimes against humanity!   


The excuse, so far has, has been fully-filled hospitals and so overworked staff including consultants, and we know that is a lie, is this then, the real reason for the failure of doctors to abide by their Hippocratic Oath ??  

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