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So, what my research has told me about Christian Zionist and the Plan to Start WW3.


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Okay so if you are wondering I first did this research while I was a Teen. I discovered that Iran and Russia were basically become Military and that our Government had made a series of "Mistakes" which had pushed the Russians and Iranians together.


As the Russians and Iranians got closer as allies more and more of the media picked up the fake story about an Evil Nuclear Program in Iran. This fake story had been going on since the late 80s.


Apparently there was actually a plan to nuke Iran posed by the Neo-Cons. The Neo-Cons appear to be some type of Randian Element. As far as I can they are just idiots.


But if you were listening to John Huggee and other Christian Zionist were making predictions which would have come true if Bush hadn't rebelled at the last moment and denied Israel a shipment of Bunker Busters.


If one looks the Christian Zionist have been, "PREDICTING" situations that the "evil" "radical" "insane" anti-war movement keeps preventing.


The Russians are the Bear in Ezekiel 38-39 which attacks Israel in the End of Days according to The Christian Zionist.


I am not sure what Ezekiel 38-39 is about myself, but relying of a book which basically written by Goat Herders who just got out of the Stone Age thousands of Years before any of us were born or even most of the modern world existed doesn't seem like Foreign Policy our Founders would have liked?


To be clear the Christian Zionist believe this will trigger the End of Days. I believe they may a Sort of End of Days but not the one they are expected. I expect that such a war between Israel and Russia could lead to Russia's auto defenses going off or Israel using the Samson option.



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