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Will David do another tour or presentation of information?


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Each time David had been on a tour, or holding a convention, I had missed it due to work or travel commitments.

Now, much more than ever, the world needs David's message bringing back to the people directly again.

Will David ever tour again?

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I would bet my house on it.

David is first and foremost a public speaker so I would guess it's already in the works and in his mind.

I wouldn't mind also betting the tickets sell quicker than an Oasis reunion concert.

Me and the wife will be first in line when he does.

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Errr ...One small fly in the ointment ...covid 


David doesn't see this going away , only getting worse ...


Even if the government did allow such a gathering , I can't see David agreeing to compulsory checks or  masks for the audience ...


So in your dreams , I think we've seen the last live presentation from David.

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As oz said, a live audience may not be possible, but I do think it is time for David Icke to do a 'master' dot connector podcast, something that finally reveals the bigger truth about why the current events are unfolding without any significant obstruction...or even a desire among the masses to protest. He has already told us the truth about the elite agenda and how the cabal operates in the shadows, now we would benefit much from an explanation of why we remain passive observers as the game continues.. 

David's work played a huge role in my awakening, and since last year I have been able to connect a few more dots on my own, but I believe someone like him should now take the revelation of the truth to the next level, given that he has many more decades of research behind him and his insights would help people understand the current situation even better. ...instead of picking out bits and pices from the day's news and then scramble to make sense of it..

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I know David has a new book out entitled ‘Perceptions of a renegade mind’ due to be released July 1st and a live stream broadcast on November 6th through the Ickonic platform, I’d love him to do a proper live show coz I would be going and front row seat for sure…but I can’t see him submitting to masks and all the other restrictions 

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