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Interesting website for those in the Police who don’t believe in government policies.


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More important, is police operate under their oath.


If you are stopped by police, ask them if they are operating under their oath - their oath is to serve the people and to ensure no harm, loss, deception of contracts or breach of the peace takes place on another soverign. If they refuse to disclose that they are serving under their oath then inform them I am not obliged to answer your questions, since your oath is required.  If the constable continues to operate outside of this juristiction ask to see their warrant  card. Tell them listed on their warrant card is their name and their job title (which is that of constable and not of an officer) - a constable must operate within the confines of their oath to protect the people under common law. Inform them acting outside of their juristiction (serving as an officer of a government service corporation and not as a constable under oath and not protecting the people under their common law) invaliidates their employers insurance policy - whereby they may be held liable for battery or imprisonment of a soverign.


While your at it, ask if the constables employer has performed a risk assessnment on their face nappy wearing policies. Inform them that Ethylene Oxyide is a carcenogenic and known to cause cancer.

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If you are concerned of behavior of police (and many of us are), your next goal in your armour is to serve article 61 notices under magna carta to all officials of the crown corporation. You must place them on notice of intention under article 61 of magna carta. In doing so you shall reveal that their has been no valid government / crown corporation since 2003, since the Queen invalidated her Coronoation oath in signing us into the treaty of niece which would see the destruction of our British constitution. We were protected against corrupt queens and kings since the times of King John and article 61 protects us.. Template documents may be found online. If you cannot find these templates, I shall be happy to oblige your request. Our rights under the Barrons protect us since the times of King John. No government corporation can destroy this. Corporations require contract. Never contract with them and you will destroy them from the inside out.


Continue to fuck the system everyday. It does not work for you. It's owned by corporations and NGOs (Non government organisations). Oliver Cromwell bought democracy to our system, the corporations destroyed it as they spread it across the world via Rothchild banking systems. Bankers control all wars. The greatest extortion of money is taxes through wages which funds all wars for these governmental corporations.

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